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The blockbuster Avengers book continues!! Kang versus Ultron with Avengers from every era right in the middle. The end of this issue is a shocker that sets up one of the biggest new threats to the Marvel Universe!! Plus: another chapter in the oral history of the Avengers!


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  1. When does this arc end?!

  2. with this issue

  3. It will NEVER end!

  4. Preview for this looked pretty awesome

  5. @misterckent – I think the arc ends with this issue, but Romita is staying on. The next issue has him penciling still. Though it could just be the cover.

  6. Thanks, y’all.  I was hoping for a ‘shocking conclusion’ or ‘ends here.’  Had fun, but I think I’m just gonna stick with New Avengers.

  7. i get the feeling this will be a lot more enjoyable if you re-read the whole arch. 

  8. By issue 6 of Busiek & Perez’s run the Avengers had faced off and beaten Morgan Le Fey, had a team building issue and moved on to their next adventure. Why are we still spinning our wheels in the far-flung future and a time stream torn Manhattan?

  9. Does this cover signify the end of the shitty ‘Heroic Age’ banner?

  10. @TNC: i hope so

  11. @Rahunique – You know, I read that Avengers arc you speak of by Busiek very recently.  It’s no good.  And can’t compare in quality to this.  The Geoff Johns run however is really strong.

  12. yeah i’m totally bored with this series now. I dont think i’ll be picking this up. It’s a bummer that i’m walking away from JRJR’s art, but Immonen will keep my eyes happy.

  13. I just got the back issues to this yesterday and decide to catch up. I have to say even though I typically love JRJR’s art, his style is not suited for drawing marvel superheros in my opinion. I kept finding myself distracted by his art style and it was pulling me out of the story big time. Could just be me though. 🙁

  14. Ten bucks says old Rulk shows up.

  15. @RahUniQue- more has happened than you are giving credit for.  they did the team building thing too.  Wonder Man freaked out and attacked the team.  they had to recruit Marvel Boy (I forget his new name).  all that plus the Kang-Next Avengers-time stream torn Manhattan-Ultron War-future Tony stuff.  that really is quite a bit.

  16. @KickAss : what didn’t you like about it? That is fascinating to hear someone who didn’t like the Busiek Avengers run.

  17. What’s fascinating about that?  It’s clunky, boring, plot heavy, lame dialogue, filled with classic characters that have no room to breath and therefore have no resonance unless you’ve read their past stories, and the villains will put you to sleep.  The inspiration of that run seems to come from within the past Avengers comics, which can be very limiting and it shows.  Doesn’t work as well as more modern takes on Avengers.

  18. @KickAss: yup 

  19. Love that cover.  I’m off this title with this issue.  Got a bit bored with it, and I’m buying too much.  I’m picking New Avengers over this one.  Also, I have no interest in Rulk being on the team despite loving him in Hulk proper.

  20. I’m also not picking up this issue. The price point + uninteresting story have me only picking up New Avengers right now.


  21. It’s a super light week so I’m sticking with it for now. It’s starting to lose me.

  22. Man, is this nowhere near the majesty of Busiek and Perez’s run. I read that shit when I was first getting into comics , didn’t know a Quicksilver from a Quasar, and was hooked from page one. While the Bendis stuff is good it’s never quite reached those heights.

    Mighty came close, when Slott was writing it. And even then only sometimes.

    Oh, I dropped this a while ago out of boredom and lameness. New Avengers is leagues better.

  23. Busiek and Perez’s run is the top tier of Avengers run. It’s classic. I will admit that it picked up way more steam as it went on though. Still, I was way more hooked on that than I ever have been on this run so far.


    Still I am enjoying this. Just not as much as Busieks Avengers. 

  24. I thought the art was really good this week, and the dialogue with Ultron was really, really funny and well timed. Ending tied everything together. This book is good each week, but not great.

  25. I feel that the end of this arc did not accomplish much of anything other then putting some things back in place. It seemed like a lot of things are left unanswered, which I am assuming the effects of this arc will stretch on to the next?

  26. I dropped this book, didn’t read this issue, and feel amazing. No More Bendis Avengers…Yippie for me!

  27. Well, I like it! A cleaver time-twisty ending which really worked. Very good and deffo my pick!

  28. Busiek’s run was great, especially when pencilled by Perez and then Alan Davis. It did have its faults, was kinda tedious at times and was definitely a product of a nostalgic mode of storytelling (even for the late ’90s), but it more than made up for that in its depth and consistency of characterization. The fact that readers who seem to have low attention-spans, and who fall easily for shock-value-oriented comics, dislike Busiek’s Avengers is actually a ringing endorsement in my mind!

    Comparatively, I would say that Bendis’s run has been a little more innovative, easier to digest, and maybe "funner", but it’s way more inconsistent (writing AND art), random and at times seems pointless and superficial. That said, I liked the way this current arc wrapped up and am happy with the revamped title so far.

    Personally, on average, I actually like the very early Lee/Kirby and Lee/Heck Avengers issues most of all. So much creativity in them. But that’s just me.

  29. P.S. But, it kinda goes without saying that Busiek and Pacheco’s AVENGERS FOREVER is the best Avengers story/run ever by a mile. Maybe it’s because he had Roger Stern helping him or whatever, but Busiek’s writing on that was a few levels better than his writing on the regular Avengers title.

  30. @froggulper – re:Avengers Forever, you ain’t never told no lie. Just thinking about it makes me hate Songbird’s new haircut all over again.

  31. Avengers Forever has yet to be touched by any other Avengers story in my mind. Enjoying this run but it’s not impressing me as much as New Avengers.

  32. The Avengers don’t get paid? I know they did back in the day before Avengers Disassembled. I figured they were getting paid now that the good guys were in charge again.

  33. Avengers Forever is of course the best Avengers story ever. Ugh. I need to reread that.


    I actually really liked this last issue of this arc. I’m on board again haha.

  34. The dialogue between Stark and Ultron was great.  I’m looking forward to see how Red Hulk is brought in next issue.

  35. Did I read too much into the Bucky comments?  Is Bendis just messing with Brubaker, and by extention the rest of us?

  36. This was a great issue. The whole weird foreshadowing about Bucky was really interesting. I also liked how they tied the end of this issue with the very beginning of the first issue. I am having trouble understanding all the criticism of this book.

  37. And dropped.  Storyline was anti-climatic, the art was atrocious (JRJR seriously just needs to focus on one book), and I find nothing rewarding in continuing.  Now, New Avengers…that’s a good one.  I’ll stick with that one.

  38. Wow, but I love JRJR’s ancient!Tony.

    It was fun, but I was really hoping for more from the Next Avenger kids. 

  39. Ok, so the cover of this issue makes no sense at all.  A pretty boring ending to a disappointing book, time to jump off.

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