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• Meet Smasher, the first human member of the IMPERIAL GUARD and an Avenger.

• Watch as the Avengers travel across the galaxy to fight off an invading force.

• Watch as the Imperial Guard are broken on a dead moon.

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Adam Kubert
Colors by Frank Martin
Cover by Dustin Weaver, Esad Ribic, & Carlos Pacheco

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Ok Marvel, this is too much. This book has been good but it’s not good enough to be buying every week. Congratulations, thanks to your ridiculous shipping schedule, you’ve forced me to drop this book

    • What’s the difference?

      Getting three issues closer together just means we’ll be waiting longer for the next one. It’s 24 issues per year, regardless. Not liking a book enough to keep going is fair though…I’m also totally biased, ha ha, I love Hickman.

      I’m asking, though. I always budget double-shipping, triple-shipping books accordingly…

    • What’s the difference?

      Getting three issues closer together just means we’ll be waiting longer for the next one. It’s 24 issues per year, regardless. Not liking a book enough to keep going is fair though…I’m also totally biased, ha ha, I love Hickman.

      I’m asking, though. I always budget double-shipping, triple-shipping books accordingly…

    • I am fine with double shipping books that were good. And giving me X-Men and Spidey back to back weeks is super fun but I want to let my mind rest after reading Hickman and 3 weeks in a row… How am I gonna pass my test on Terrorism if all I can think about is Hickman’s Avengers?

    • don’t get me wrong, im glad you guys are loving this, but for me as someone who is only mildly enjoying this book, buying it three weeks in row (which is more than bi-weekly BTW) is overkill. this cuts into my comic budget every week and it’s money that i’d rather spend on books i love. I know im not alone in feeling frustration with Marvel’s accelerated shipping schedule. bi-weekly is one thing, but weekly is something else entirely

    • But the point @tittom is making is that even though it was three weeks in a row, the overall amount per year is still 24 issues, which in total is bi-weekly. So it shouldn’t screw up your annual comics budget in the long run, even if three issues come out three weeks in a row. It will balance out later with more time between forthcoming issues.

    • @mikegraham6
      thank god this was the first post. I was thinking “wait didn’t I just read part 4?, have I slept for a week or something”

  2. I liked last issue but the art was terrible, looking forward to a change in art duties

  3. I have loved this book so far. I also love the shipping schedule for this one and New X-men. I bet it means they’re ramping things up for the big summer event!

  4. Sorry for the double-posting above!

    And yeah, I agree with Jonscone. Not too big on Kubert…But Weaver’s around the corner!

  5. I’m enjoying this but not enough to keep buying in issues unless I start REALLY enjoying this.

    It has next month and then I will decide.

    So that gives it, what? 4 more issues.

  6. Adam Kubert really had some ugly pages last week and now he’s quickly had to get this one out? This is not bode well…

  7. It’s OK, but I’m not interested enough to read it every week. I’m dropping it.

  8. I’m am so on board with this book. Keep it coming.

  9. I think I’m jumping off , it’s been very ho hum for me since issue two. Bring on Secret Avengers with Spencer and Ross.

  10. I see a lot of people complaining about the shipping but just think no Avengers until 20th & then the next issue is out in March!
    My remedy is pre-ordering a couple of months in advance & paying all in one lump-sum, it means I can just enjoy when they come out without the hassle of paying each time, especially when I may not have the money spare.

    Anyway really liked last issue a lot, the art was a bit all over the place, but the previews for this issue look much improved so hopefully 5 & 6 will be vast improvements on 4’s art.

    Bring on The Smashers talking goggles (which is very Green Lantern ring-style)

  11. really enjoying this series.

  12. Didn’t read issue 4 yet, but I enjoyed the first three — especially issue 3. But Hickman’s storytelling can be a bit of a chore to follow, so we’ll see.

  13. I dug the first three issues but issue #4 was not good. Hopefully, this one will be better.

  14. Enough, give us a break!

  15. the price is too much for such a schedule. I would rather buy other books so my budget can be more planned. I will probably drop this cold turkey if my comic shop will let me. 🙁

    • If your shop won’t let you drop a book you don’t like, you might need to drop your shop.

    • Seriously…

    • when u sign up for a subscription service at the shop part of agreement is that you are supposed to tell him two months in advance if you want to drop a title because of diamond previews. He’s a pretty cool guy though and i’ve done it before so i’m sure it won’t be a problem. basically i agree it sucks but there are not many options for a comic shop around here. I would be more likely to drop the subscription service than to drop the shop. With all this double shipping i would be surprised if it doens’t force a change somehow. 🙁

    • I get that preordering sucks, and not every part of the world has an abundance of good (or any) comic book shops.

      So I could understand him giving you a hard time about dropping a book if it was some small press title he was ordering specially for you.

      But really if a retailer can’t sell an extra copy of Marvel’s flagship title… they’ve got big problems. :-/

  16. I’ve always like the Shi’ar Imperial Guard and thought that Smasher was always one of the cooler members. I can’t wait to see who this new one is and how she fits into everything!

  17. Another stellar issue of a series I am immensely liking more & more, but New Avengers #3 pipped my POW!

  18. Goodbye Avengers. I can’t afford you anymore. I’m sticking to Hickman’s Manhattan Projects instead.

  19. Did people not understand this book was going to be 24 issues a year going into it? I feel like Marvel’s hype machine made that very clear.

  20. I’m really trying to dig this book but man I just don’t know. I love Hickman but I don’t know if he’s all that good on Avengers. His creator owned stuff is golden though!….Might drop this book =/

    • People have to remember that Hickman is a long term kind of writer, and he’s setting groundwork. It seems a bit disjointed and confusing because we’re looking at such a small portion of the larger story. Give him some time to add depth to all the currently unknown characters and to play with the pieces he’s placed.

    • Exactly, just read the info graphic in two years.

  21. These haven’t even felt that disjointed or hard to follow for me, but to each their own. This was good, better than last issue I’d say. But New Avengers really took it this week.

  22. I don’t get everyone else’s reactions, because I loved this issue! It was my pick of the week. I loved reading Smasher’s origin (yay, another female character!) and the pacing was perfect. And I think New Avengers was my least favourite. It just seems so cracky and random. I wonder what others are seeing that I’m not, and vice versa. It’s also weird that the two seem so different from one another, but Hickman is writing both of them.

  23. Opening with the former Smasher’s death from New X-Men was a nice touch.

    I really enjoyed this. A concise origin story while contributing to the larger narrative. And I thought Kubert’s pencils looked pretty great for the majority of this issue. A few shaky panels, but it reminded me of his Ultimate X-Men work, and that’s always nice.

    Short list for me this week, but this was my POTW.

    • I agree, I like how Marvel and the creators really are connecting the two worlds but at the same time giving them their own voice.

  24. Someone more observant than me pointed out the Grandpa’s name was DAN DARE.

  25. Smasher’s issue is much better than Hyperion’s, not only from the plot and characterization angles, but also the artwork; whether it’s Adam Kubert stepping up his game, or Frank Martin’s colors that enhance the visuals, the whole thing was a joy. Love the Imperial Guard.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

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