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• The Secret Origin of Hyperion.

• The Legacy of the Garden unfolds in the Savage Land.

• “We’ll have to field test our theories here. NOW.” –Dr. Deeds

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Adam Kubert
Colors by Frank D'Armata
Cover by Dustin Weaver & Dale Keown

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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I really enjoyed issue 3, hoping this issue will dive deeper into the personalities of this big rooster of characters.

  2. I think that issues #4 (Hyperion), #5 (Smasher) & #6 (Captain Universe) are typical Hickman one-shots designed to do just that as well as (in the F4 fashion) revealing things that will probably tie-in later.

  3. Never read anything with Hyperion so interested to learn a bit about this guy.

  4. I dont think i’m smart enough to read this series, I was utterly lost last issue 🙁

  5. Marvel: your shipping schedule is killing me! Please please please slow down

  6. Lovin’ this book!

  7. After the first arc it would be a nice start to get to know the newbies & hopefully keep the bigger picture story-line ticking over in the background.

    I am totally loving this series & the New Avengers but I am hugely biased!

  8. I loved the art and story in the first little story. Now, just need to figure out who all these people are.

  9. Are all the character one-shots going to be pencilled by different artists? Or is Kubert doing them all?

    Just curious.

    Loving this so far. As someone who hasn’t read his FF work, I really enjoy watching Hickman apply his big ideas to a superhero setting.

  10. Kubert doing these one-shots are going to be a nice replacement for Opena.

    That and these one-shots should help me out figuring who the hell these people are.

  11. I like this 1 artist/3 issues format — kinda like in the early days of ASM: Brand New Day, but far less schizophrenic considering the writer stays the same (and Hickman is not one without plans). Deodato IS a shame, but I wonder who’s after!!

  12. Best panel last issue: Hyperion knocking Hulk THA FUCK OUT!…??? Dude must be pretty tough.

  13. For those who are confused: Hyperion is pretty much Marvel’s original Superman analogue, before The Sentry was a thing. He was part of the Squadron Supreme (the JLA analogue) and fought the Avengers a bunch of times in the 70s.

    Apparently, this Hyperion is from another universe or something, based on a caption in Avengers #1.

  14. I just wish that Hyperion in this comic dressed a bit more like the Hyperion recently released as a Marvel Legends figure.

  15. Last issue pissed me off (pie, seriously?), but its Hickman so a master plan may be in the works.

  16. Looking forward to reading a big pile of these.

    I dig what Hickman does.

  17. Great issue! I really enjoyed the way they fleshed out Hyperion’s origin a bit. I was really happy to hear that there will be more one-shots focused on specific characters.Does anyone know specifically what characters will be getting a one-shot? Honestly I’d like to see one for all of the characters, even the ones that I’m familiar with.

    I love what Hickman is doing with this and New Avengers. I’m thinking that the destruction of Hyperion’s world may be related to the binary worlds being destroyed in New Avengers.

  18. … So what happened to the cute little zebra guys?

  19. This was great! Though…I dunno bout Thor drinking on the job. That’s not the Thor I know.

    I do hope that building up a Marvel Universe Superman character doesn’t devolve into a Sentry rerun. But for now, I’m loving this book!

  20. Its like Vodka, but for men. Classic.

  21. Dean White -> Frank D’Armata = Is this the same book???

  22. Ok, why are people bitching about Deodato being on this book after reading this issue? The Art in this issue was bad, the layouts were confusing and Hyperion, the focus of this issue, looked different from page to page.

    Maybe you guys have only ever seen Deodato’s work with Bendis. You should definitely check out Warren ellis’ Thunderbolts.

  23. Not sure if I really liked this issue (I read it before bed), but it definitely settled the argument about the concentric circle symbol on the org chart. It’s a bullseye for Hawkeye of course, not something atomic related for Hulk.

    I feel vindicated. It’s only mildly fulfilling.

  24. So maybe the, ‘there are two Hyperions,” line would have served the book better if there were not two actual takes on Hyperion in the Marvel Universe. Pleased to see the Illuminati universes colliding tie-in, though.

  25. Average issue, but two things I liked was the tie-in to New Avengers, and how the Avengers seemed like a tight military unit at the beginning with the two Cap’s coordinating plans.

  26. I’m dropping this book. Hickman and Geoff Johns are two popular writers that I just don’t get.

  27. My favorite part of this issue is the connection to “New Avengers,” but I am still on the fence with Hyperion and Captain Universe; both of them are too similar to The Sentry, so it feels like that story has already been told.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  28. Dropped. Gave it an honest try. There’s too many Avengers I don’t like. I still have Justice League.

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