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• “THE SIGNAL” – Prelude to Infinity

• All of the Origin Sites go active as the Earth begins to communicate with something much more ancient than human civilizations.

• The Terror scientists of A.I.M. unveil the S7 program.

• Prelude to INFINITY: Part One.

Story by Jonathan Hickman & Nick Spencer
Art by Stefano Caselli
Cover by Leinil Francis Yu

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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Finally, we get to see what the heck all this infinity stuff is all about. Can’t wait, should be extra exciting.

  2. Really excited about this whole build-up to Infinity & I am proper psyching myself up for this event that I fully will endorse mostly because it’s by Hickman!

  3. A 13 issue prelude to a 4 issue prelude to the big story, seems like way too much build up. But I’m down for the ride because of the great artists and Hickman writes great long form stories.

    • I don’t think the first 13 issues of this series really has MUCH to do with Infinity. I think after Infinity Hickman will go back and work more with what he’s laid down in the series so far. It’s my impression that, for the most part, Infinity is something new that’s coming in to the picture now, not something that’s piggybacking after the godlike aliens on Mars or whatever. Could be TOTALLY wrong!

    • Infinity is partly related with The Avengers battling the Builders in space & the upcoming multiple Ex-Nihilo’s as well, so it all inter-links!

    • People tend to forget that Hickman’s Fantastic Four run has little bits and pieces intertwined in the stories that built up to the epic conclusion. The stories and individual arcs have merit on there own but it forms into something more as a whole when everything is completed. It’s one of the reasons I think he is doing the best comic book work of the last couple years. It works on many different levels. What has hurt this run is expectations. Nobody realized what was going on in Fantastic Four until issue 600. We were able to look back on everything and realize how brilliant it was. Everyone knows that coming out the gate now and it’s much easier to defy expectations then meet them, especially when were talking about pop culture.

    • Frankly, I liked Hickman’s early issues but lost interest towards the end. Too much build up tends to make for a bloated story.

  4. I’m excited for Infinity. Cause it’s a story that has only one writer and Hickman has been secretly building it up his Avengers book for this. Unlike the previous events where it is room written and therefore has wildly inconsistent characterizations. Hope this issue starts some fun times for the rest of the year.

  5. My subscription ends soon.

    See you at the pubic library!

  6. S7? Did Marvel buy Sovergein 7 from DC?

    • Nah, it’s probably a variation on DP7, which was one of the New Universe titles back in the 80s, like Star Brand and Nightmask.

    • S7 stands for site seven. There are 7 origin sites and the Avengers know about 6 of them, however the site seven belongs to AIM who are keeping it a secret thus they refer to it as S7. I thought it was pretty clear.

    • @kingjoeg: Ah, yes. That makes a lot more sense. Good call.

  7. Does anyone know when/if Opena is coming back?

  8. My big question is how will this run distinguish itself from Jim Starlin’s, somewhat definitive, take on Thanos and the actual meaning of an infinite universe in “The Marvel Universe” I really love Hickman but I’m hoping this doesn’t end up being a retread on a lot of stuff that happened previously.

  9. Didn’t like this issue at all, it’s all incomprehensible and uninteresting. Who cares about the origin sites really?

    • If you don’t care about the origin sites, I have a feeling you’ve got a long road ahead of you. In fact, I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long.

  10. This was ok, but these issues feel soooo disconnected from each other. 3/5.

  11. Good issue, but you can tell this will read much better when read in one huge chunk. Caselli’s art was good but nothing ground breaking.


  12. This issue was a fast read. It wasn’t bad, just felt like an info dump. I thought Caselli did a nice job though.

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