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  1. when i picked up the first issue at free comic book day last year, i was very "yay a wolfman story! maybe it will be deep and introspective with lost of fist-shaking at the moon why god why aroooooo!" Now i’m going to drop it because i don’t like feeling like i’m being talked down to for not following the other kirkman titles – he’s a funny man, don’t get me wrong – best re-occurring character on the video podcast.

    The art has been great, though; but, like Ron, i need to tighten my belt.

  2. for me, this title has been getting better and better. it started off a little wonky and the bi-monthly has hurt it. but the story has been solid ever since wolf-man stuck his claw through that one dudes chest and the title goes monthly in two issues. hooray for wolf-man.

  3. @JesseG I agree, the claw through the chest was a real turning point. The were-wolf superhero thing was cool enough, but eveything was way too easy and happy. But lord, did Kirkman fix that problem. And we’re only six issues in. I can’t wait until this book gets a chance to really open up.

  4. I am really hoping somthing good happens very soon otherwise I will be forced to drop this book. I want to like it. Two more issues is all I can wait.

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