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  1. is kirkman stalling because he cant find the ending to this arc or was this all plan. come on an origin story 12 issues in…. if it was 50  naybee

  2. Well, it’s not like he didn’t reveal how Hampton became the Wolf-Man in the first couple of pages.

    I am intrigued to see what he has in his past that ties into the arc, actually.

  3. Trust in Kirkman, he generally has a pretty good idea where he is going in his books (even in the disaster that was Ultimate X-Men there was a solid path).  I’m very confident that the backstory is being laid out to advance the arc.  THink Geoff Johns who can re-tell an origin and set up future stories at the same time.

  4. I miss Zachariah. I really liked his origin issue and since then nothing!

  5. Ugh…just another meandering issue that hooks me just enough by the end.  If I am not fully impressed by the end of issue 12 (supposed to be the huge throwdown between Wolf-Man and Zechariah) I am done.

  6. @everyone well im done. this series is dragging. nonthing really special happen in this isssue. nonthing special in his past, no last minute escape plan, nonthinh

  7. Actaully a bunch happened in this issue.  Seriously, would you rather see a three issue court room drama arc?  This issue successfully moved us through months of potentially boring stories and basically sets up the next chapter of the book.  Well done Krikman!

  8. really enjoyed this book…. I love where he is taking this book. 

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