The truth behind the mutant babies of Karere township is discovered — an innocent man who might also doom the town, if not the whole of Africa, by accident. The X-Men have to put themselves between two armies to save a mutant who might not be worth saving…

Story by Warren Ellis
Art by Kaare Andrews
Colors by Frank D'Armata
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Kaare Andrews

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I thought last issue finally found that Warren Ellis fun gear. Kaare still draws one messed up Emma Frost, but I am looking forward to the end. If only it was thousands of babies being launched at the X-men. That would be epic/

  2. The large time lags between issues kind of killed the momentum of this mini.  Sill love Kaare’s Storm though!

  3. Judging from the cover I am assuming Ellis is going to make the X-Men kill lots of babies.

    Which is actually tame considering it’s Ellis writing it. 

  4. @JimBilly4  I love Kaare’s Emma.  Hideous, Kaare obviously hates her character.  Which I’m fine with.

  5. Utter Bullshit! THe X-men stand by while another child gets a killshot to the head! This rap is why there was  CODE!

  6. I don’t think Kaare hates Emma more so that he’s sick of seeing people make pornstar like renditions of her in X books. He’s basically come out and said that most issues of Uncanny read like an issue of Maxim. Which rules. Kaare Andrews is one of the best people in the business. 

  7. @bertkreth  Agreed. That ending killed the book for me.  Seemed totally unnecessary and just there for the shock.

    @SirCox  Well…she was a stripper….just saying.

  8. That storyline kind of lacked any theme holding it together. Which can be fine. Maybe it is just an insane romp with the X-men… but then he tacked on those last few pages with Storm and the headshot… Felt stuck on and out of place. Warren Ellis is very hit or miss with me, and I don’t think he ever really hit with the X-men.

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