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  1. If this is 16 pages of story and then the rest is the script I might be skipping this and hoping to find it in the back issue bargain bin down the road. I was so pissed off by the last issue even though I did enjoy reading Ellis’s actual script, it just wasn’t worth 4 bucks.

  2. One reason I find Emma to be attractive is because she is a full bodied woman. She is not a cadaver like the way Bianchi is drawing her. She should really get that collar bone checked out.

    Skipping both specials and hoping that the main series gets back on track pretty soon here.

  3. @Ruo21 – I like that Bianchi draws a very ugly Emma Frost. It suits her likewise ugly personality 🙂

  4. Fool me once…

  5. I liked the first issue a lot. It was almost like an Image book: half the book with nothing but story, the rest with bonus stuff (the script is great for people like me who write comics. or try to.). Very few adds, most of which were on the inside of the cover. I very much enjoyed it and look forwared to #2.

  6. …I still haven’t read the first issue of this.  I can’t believe I bought it.  I think this is one of the books that I’m gonna have to drop off my pull.  I love Astonishing, but I usually dread when it pops up on my pull, and would normally rather read something else.

  7. The first issue of this mini was the worst comic book in recent memory.  I’m sure I read some worse books in the 90s but I can’t remember specifically.  I’m still kinda worm on the main book, if only it would come out.

  8. @ Anson17… I think it’s Bianchi’s art that always makes me put Astonishing at the bottom of the week’s stack. It really just does nothing for me and somehow makes the book seem really boring… it’s the colors too… it’s all so… blah.

  9. @brandon2 totally agree.  1 sucked.  and i dont hate comics, but shamefully i will probably buy it, whats 3 bucks??

  10. oops 4, maybe not then

  11. The last issue was worth it for the Alan Davis art.

    Also, I have to admit, this "ghost box" stuff is way more interesting than I thought. I’m still dropping Astonishing after the current arc ends, though. 


  12. I’m a fan of both Astonishing and Ellis, but after the last $4-for-16-pages-of-what-if disaster, I’m not buying this.

  13. Now if only Ellis would focus on the main series a little more…

  14. Wow so im the only one tha wants to no what he hell happened lol oh well

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