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  1. All hail His Lordship Ellis!


    Yeah, that was weird. But he is kicking ass on this title.

  2. @J4 Did you like the Ghost Box run?  I just couldn’t get into it as much as the previous runs.  I have enjoyed this one so far though.

  3. I like Ellis, but I think his run so far has been historically bad.  I just don’t think he gets or cares about these characters.

    What the hell though, he’s a good writer and I like the Brood so I’ll stick it out for another issue

  4. Yeah, I felt the same way.

  5. I love Astonishing x-men and Jiminez’s my kind of artist(he draws the Brood like nobody else). I don’t care that Ellis don’t care, thats his sell out style. I don’t think he wrote one kick ass thing since his computer crashed. Fell #9 was his last masterpiece.

  6. Ellis has phoned in this series since day one.  Every character sounds smarmy and identical.  Guess that leaves X-Factor as the last decent X-book standing…

  7. So far this book has been astonishing…….ASTONISHINGLY BAD!


    naw, I’m just kidding. I like it.

  8. @kmob – I’d actually say X-Factor is the worst right now.  Well…after Astonishing of course

  9. "Every character sounds smarmy and identical."

    Agreed. At least that’s the way I felt in the few Ellis issues of this I’ve read, and it’s what many others keep telling me. I’m ready to pick it up again at a moment’s notice, though. I love the Brood and Jimenez and the concept of this storyline seems interesting. After it’s collected I might try it out.

    @cutty: Yeah, I’m of the same mind as you. X-Factor and Astonishing are two of a kind as far as I’m concerned. Both used to be great and then they started sucking at around the same time. I’m glad some people think X-Factor has come back around, but from the way those who talk it up talk it up…what’s interesting to them wouldn’t be interesting to me.

  10. @flapjaxx – IMO X-Factor is better than it was right after the crossover, but Peter David is a little too caught up in his wow endings to really deliver something original.  Throwing in yet another alternate timeline where mutants are oppressed for 4 or 5 issues did not help his case…

  11. I do think X-Factor has failed to recapture the momentum it had for the first 20 issues.  The last arc has been a bit drawn out and the new characters – Darwin, Longshot, and Shatterstar have had minimal impact.  The book still works because each of the other characters has a unique voice, David’s dialogue is still strong and Madrox remains one of the most interesting characters in Marvel U.  I have also really enjoyed Doom on the current arc and am looking forward to the reset at #200.  That being said, my arguing that X-Factor is the last good X-title left is more of a reflection on how bad I think the rest of the X-titles are than how good X-Factor actually is.  I’ve already explained my thoughts on Astonishing – I almost feel like Ellis is trying to let us know he hates writing this book.  Legacy started out well but a book focused on Rogue, Danger, Gambit and Blink sounds like it got old before it started.  X-Force is pointless and by all accounts incredibly hit or miss as is New X-Men.  X-Men Forever is a bit embarrasing but I can see how fans do desperately anxious for a good X-title would go for it.  Do I really need to explain why Cable is bad?  Wolverine and Deadpool have their moments but they have basically become commodities.  For my money though the worst is Uncanny.  I picked up the first few Fraction issues and honestly felt like Fraction made Jeph Loeb’s Hulk look intelligent.  Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but I just don’t get it.  Fraction has no sense of dialogue and the stories are recycled and uninteresting.  You can only focus on Cyclops and Emma for so long.  For my money I am waiting for a (new) Claremont, Morrison, or Whedon to take up the reigns.  Otherwise I will continue to enjoy X-Factor and ten years from now have no problem filing this era of X-history away as the C and C Music Factory period of the new millenium.   

  12. @kmob181 – I agree that the x-titles aren’t very good right now, I definately spoke too soon by saying X-Factor is the worst.  Although I wouldn’t call X-Force pointless, I think its actually driving the franchise.  The most important things that have happened in that universe have been in that book, and its all building towards some pretty big stories.  Fraction might be the "big" name, but Kyle and Yost will be driving the books in 2010

  13. out of all the x tittles i like xforce then probley cable im not reading x factor but i think i should

  14. Glad to know I’m not the only one reading Cable regularly – it may not be groundbreaking but it’s consistently enjoyable, solid sci-fi pulp stuff.

    Didn’t mind Ghost Boxes, though it kind of felt it built up to an anti climax.  Enjoyed the first issue of this arc though, looking forward to it.

  15. I really haven’t liked any of the titles recently.  Stopped collecting X-Factor because I wasn’t meshing with the art, X-Force was good before the Messiah War and after, Astonishing has been weak since Ellis took over (until last issue), and Uncanny and Legacy have left much to be desired.  I still collect because I love the X-Men, but I really haven’t been too happy with what they’re putting out right now.

  16. The x-books have been weak ever since divided we stand.

  17. @rockingeek – Yeah, pretty much.  As a line, they were 10x stronger before Messiah Complex

  18. @cutty- yeah, I know, at the same time we had Whedon/Cassaday Astonishing, Rise & fall on uncanny, supernova on x-men and Kyle/Yost new x-men run. I still don’t understand the x-force move, new-men was so fucking amazing.

  19. @rockingeek Yeah, I really miss New X-Men alot.  I thought all the newer/younger characters were really cool.  I guess it just didn’t sell.

  20. @rockingeek/vandamowens – yeah New X-Men was my favorite of the past few years along with Carey’s pre-Legacy run on X-Men.  Kyle and Yost said they’re leaving X-Force after the 2010 crossover, hopefully they’ll re-boot New X-Men.  I think there’s been a pretty strong response to that title’s cancellation

  21. I loved this issue.  The dialogue may not be all that great, but there’s not that much of it.  The art and the action are so good though.  I don’t know why, but the action sequences just seem really smooth in the last two episodes.  Good pacing I guess.  I’m very interested to see where this is going.

  22. Who the fuck are THEY and why don’t I give a fuck? Poorly written.

  23. @rockinggeek I agree. The issue did nothing. This just doesn’t compare to Whedon’s run on Astonishing. I want to like this book because it’s Xmen, but it just isn’t doing it. And a SWORD book? Is anyone going to buy that? I don’t think people are clamoring for anything Astonishing Xmen related.

    I may just drop this and stick with Uncanny Xmen as my only team Xbook, which makes me sad.

  24. Heh. I just liked the wolverine moment toward the end.

  25. This arc is already better than the previous one.

  26. Best issue thus far.

  27. This issue was really good.  It just sucks that it’s so outdated, making the stories unimportant and lacking any sort of urgency the other X-Books have right now.  Just an interesting side story to read until it finally catches up to current continuity…if it ever does…

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