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  1. Bianchi was so wrong for this book. I’m so happy Astonishing’s getting a great artist again. I love Jiminez, he fits so well with Warren’s writing.

  2. also it looks like its going to be a regualer book finger crossed

  3. I consider Jimenez to be third in series of great artists to handle this book, though I must admit I’ll miss Bianchi.

  4. I didn’t mind and even liked Bianchi. But Jimenez will definitely kick my ass!

  5. Im so excited for jimenez on the book as well. He fits much better than Bianchi IMO.

  6. Agreed.  I’ve missed Jimenez on a regular book ever since he left Wonder Woman.  The sporadic story arcs in Spidey just weren’t enough.

  7. I just hope this is the start of regular monthly issues.  The wait has been driving me crazy.

  8. I never thought I’d be picking this book up again after reading the 1st 2 issues of Ellis’s run, I just don’t think he gets the characters, or really gives a fuck about them.  But I can’t say no to the Brood, and life’s all about giving people 2nd chances!

  9. I think Jimenez will be a big improvement over Bianchi. He’s art was great to look at, but not suited to story telling. Maybe he could be a cover artist.

  10. I dropped the book 2~3 issues into the Bianchi run but am willing to give this a flip test in the store.

  11. I don’t mind Bianchi on covers but his interior work is just too hard to follow. Glad to see interior art with actual inking again, there is just something about pencils-to-color that I just don’t like. Call me old fashion but I like my comic characters with with a black ink outline.

  12. What is this book?  I seem to remember something about Kitty Pryde, Buffy, and an egg of some sort.  Is this an Age of Apocolypse book?  It’s been so long.  

  13. Gonna give this a second go after completely abandoning the first Warren Ellis arc. Hopefully this arc will have better and less murky art than Bianchi’s art

  14. Jimenez is one of those artist that i follow no matter what book it is. His art is so clean and crisp, that it is a joy to look at!

  15. Buying this solely for the art, Ellis you’d better thank Jimenez for your second chance…  hey marvel, how about Jimenez on Uncanny and ship Land off to Astonishing?

  16. No. we don’t want him

  17. Land would be horrible on Astonishing. Jiminez was good on this issue, but he seems a little rusty.

  18. some of the panels were a little rough in this one.  in general I liked this more than ghost boxes, thus far.

  19. This was fairly enjoyable, if a little light on story. Jimenez art was quite good.

  20. I liked this, despite the fact it was basically just two scenes. I think this arc will be a vast improvement over the sort of interesting but mainly boring first arc.

  21. I liked this, but I’m waiting for Warren to reallly put his spin on these characters. I’ll stick with it, but I expect some magical storytelling to come from these creators. I’ve read that they are both excited to work with these characters, so I’d like to feel that excitement as a reader – and I fully believe both Ellis and Jimenez are able to give me that…

  22. I really enjoyed it.

    "I wanted to see how many time you bounce" 

  23. Dropped. Worst. Issue. Yet.

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