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  1. Sorry, but it looks like Cyclops is preparing to take a shot in the mouth,

  2. I forgot that I’m ready this…


  3. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    I think Bianchi’s work has been solid on this book, but I can’t wait for Jimenez.

  4. I can’t wait for this arc to end, so that someone can take over on a timely basis.

  5. I believe Conor told me that Ellis and Bianchi were signed for 24 issues.  So you may be waiting a while for a timely comic.

  6. At the rate their going, it’ll take about 50 years for 24 issues to come out.  There’s so much time between issues, you almost forget what was happening previously.


  7. So that’s what Cyclops’s O-face looks like.

  8. Bianchi and Ellis are actually a little slower than Cassaday and Whedon, aren’t they? Wake me up when Jimenez comes aboard, I try this series again then.

  9. I may or may not buy this issue, but the book is officially dropped regardless.


  10. Dropping this after this issue…might as well start reading it in trades.

  11. That’s too bad a lot of people are dropping this book.  Ellis is a solid enough writer, but I’ve stretched out too thin.  He probably wasn’t the best choice to follow Whedon and Cassaday.  Maybe if he had came later in the series…

  12. *he’s stretched out too thin

  13. Yea I’m also done with this book after this issue. I actually really like Ellis but this arc has just been horrible! Delays aside I’ve thought the actual story has been boring and the art is definitely not my "style" at all. I may or may not move over to trades with this…depending on how the next arc is received once it starts coming out in 2012.

  14. Bianchi’s costume designs are a bit over the top, but I think his layouts are great.  He’s actually pushing that aspect farther than most other artists (at least on books I read).

  15. oh and Jimenez comes on next issue with #31

  16. cool.  I had heard otherwise.  Maybe we’ll get a regular book now:)

  17. This arc has taken so long to come out that I can’t remember if I even bought the last issue.  Not a good sign. 

  18. I’m glad this arc is over.  The idea was sweet as hell.  Ellis just didn’t deliver:(

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