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  1. Dropping this. Enjoyed the first parts but this story isn’t good enough to match the schedule. I’ll just pick it up at my library. 

  2. This book is always worth the wait. I’ve yet to be let down by Ellis and Bianchi.

  3. Bianchi’s art in this really bothers me.  People complain about Land, but I think that he is just as bad when it comes to character’s reactions and emotions.  Also, his Emma looking stupid.

  4. I really like this book, more for the writing than for the art.

  5. Bianchia is growing on me, now if he could just learn how to lay out a fucking page!

  6. I was going to say how I was starting to like the art too, then I saw Beast on the cover. I take it back, I take it all back.

  7. If this is the last part of the arc, I’ll buy it and then I’m done with the title.


  8. I think I gotta drop it.  It just doesn’t do it for me. You know it’s bad when you cringe every time you see it in your pull list.

  9. Im keeping it. I do want to get past this damn arch now, but i am hoping it picks up. And for Me Bianchi is a good artist when he is not rushed so far I’s still on board….for now.


  10. I gave up on this at the Ghost Box mini rip-off

  11. @JesusSlanda…. I agree completly…. If it wasn’t Ellis writing this, Bianchi’s art would have made me drop it… the coloring doesn’t help any either.

  12. I agree with butch.

  13. This is also on the bubble for me.  The art just doesn’t cut it and neither does the story.

  14. I dropped this after the Ghost Box theft incident as well.  To be honest, though, even without that, Bianchi’s art was running me straight off the book.


  15. What about Bianchi’s art needs altering or tweaking to make it more palatable?  I was thinking that MAYBE a different inker would change the look a feel of the art a bit.  Everything about the art seems to melt together in a funky, unappealing way.

  16. This kind of Ellis writing does not lend itself to a bi-monthly book. I might pick up the trade on this, but since he is basically re-hashing old Authority stories i’m not sure even that would be worth it.

  17. I liked it. Don’t mind the art, in fact I think the fight sequences were brilliant and coloring fits the mood, I think. Story was fine, flowing from where we left off MONTHS ago ( I didn’t pick up the mystery box side issues ). Forge is a crazy crafty little tech monkey, apperantly, OK cool (!) lets see some action. 4/5

  18. I’m also done with this book.  I tried so hard to like it but nothing about it is making me stay.  Maybe I’ll buy the trades but at this point I can’t justify paying per issue anymore.  And it is a huge thing for me to be dropping an X-title…

  19. @SamMorgan: "I gave up on this at the Ghost Box mini rip-off"

    It’s hard for me to disagree with that comment.  For the money, the two-part mini was really not to my liking.  It actually seemed tailer-made for web content (FREE web-content) to keep fan interest from vanishing during the publishing delay in the main series.  But as someone who bought the two issues I felt that they weren’t worth the money (the stories were a bit weak and way too short).  But that mini aside, I continue to be intrigued by Ellis’ story and I’m enjoying each issue (this one was very entertaining and intriguiging!  Forge indeed!).  I’ve yet to look forward to an issue in Ellis’ run, but once I read each one I’m very happy that I did.  Odd.  Bianchi’s art and page layouts have a certain elegance that I enjoy looking at, but I still find them to be a bit "off" from what I expect for an X-Men comic.  I’m not sure if I love it for its creativity and craft or hate it for its lack of appropriateness.  I’m torn!

  20. Been thinking of dropping this book as well, but some reason always liked forge and want to at least hold out until this arc is over. 

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