Wolverine and Spider-Man have gone from the dawn of time to the end of time. Now they’re stuck in the future, which would be so bright were the sun not eclipsed by DOOM: THE LIVING PLANET! Not only did Dr. Doom conquer our planet, but he also conquered Ego: The Living Planet and is back to finish the job on Earth. Only Wolverine and the Phoenix Gun stand in his way. All this, plus a shocking end that will change the way you look at the two biggest Marvel characters, thanks to Jason Aaron (WOLVERINE, PUNISHER MAX) and Adam Kubert (ULTIMATE X-MEN, HULK).


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  1. 3 of 5? I though this was a 6 issue series. Has it been cut, or am I wrong?

    This is a high-concept book, lots of fun ideas, and I’m sure this will be more of the same. I would love to see Jason Aaron on a monthly Spider-man series. He has the voice down perfectly, and is showing that he can do more than gritty plots.

  2. @zeppo Yeah if Dan Slott leaves ASM anytime after his run begins Jason Aaron is the man I want to replace him. If I had heard myself say that 1 year ago my past self would assume there’s a lot more violence and drug use in Spider-Man these days

  3. Yes, I’ve been LOVING this book–it’s pretty much the best 616 Spidey story going on right now, and I would KILL to see Aaron take over Amazing. Or hell, just give Aaron an Astonishing Spider-Man book and tell him to go nuts, I’d enjoy the hell out of that. 😀

  4. @DarkKnightJared   Even better. I would pull the fuck out of Astonishing Spider-Man written by Jason Aaron and drawn by pretty much anyone. Even Greg Land.

  5. Jason Aaron on spidey? Now THAT would be a book to get excited about. In the meantime, I’m loving this series. Almost wish I had waited for trade cuz this is shaping up to be a story well worth owning as a hardcover.

  6. So we’re all on board with an Aaron Spider-man series then? Shame this in edited by the X-men team rather then the Spider-man team. I hope Wacker is watching this book.

  7. @Jdudley: I will probably double-dip (issues & HC/TPB).  I am really loving this book.

  8. I’m loving this book but i wish it weren’t bi-monthly. Still good enough to pick up in issues instead of trade for me though.

  9. @ ThePunisherMAX
    i agree i wish this was monthly

  10. I’ll be double-dipping I think, love it! Don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by Jason Aaron.

  11. This book is really damn good.  Doom taking the place of Ego as the Living Planet is a damn fine idea.

  12. I love Kubert, but that’s pretty much his go to Wolverine action pose. Not a complaint, mind you, just an observation.

  13. Fucking GREAT book ! 

  14. Glad to see all the positive reviews.  Definitely goona grab the HC when it’s out.

  15. Good stuff again.  The Phoenix Gun turned out better than I expected it to.  And good character development and exposition during a fight sequence is always great.

  16. I dug on this a lot. Some of the art was cool as hell. I’m really curious about who is messing with them. 4/5

  17. If Morning Glories hadnt have come out this week, this would have been far and away the POTW. Aaron and Kubert are knocking it out of the park!

  18. Three page spread! This makes me think digital comics will not take over soon. A spread like that can’t be done on an Iphone. It was amazing.

    And a suprise.

    The story in the issue was also great, really looking forward to next issue. The Origin style art was well recreated.

  19. I’m enjoying the hell out of this, too.  But it sure makes me really miss seeing Kubert on Wolverine on a regular basis.

  20. It makes me want a Jason Aaron Spider-man book monthly

  21. Reading thus issue made me just wish it wasn’t a mini. I would love for this to be a monthly. Just damn good storytelling

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