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  1. Yes! Yes!!!

    Finally, an event I can wrap my arms around. This should be nothing but fun starting with this one-shot. Plus I love it that Buchemi is the artist, he did a great job with the last arc with Cho.

    Everyone needs to pick this up! It’s important for everyone who reads the characters involved in the solict.

  2. Van Lente being part of Spidey writers brings us this. EXCITED!

  3. Mighty + New Avengers + AoA! No way I can say no!!

  4. Is this a crossover event, or just contained in this one-shot and Herc?

  5. Face it tigers, we just hit the jackpot!

    I just made that up just now.

  6. But I don’t want to acknowledge Spider-Man exists anymore! :-p Still, should be a good time. 

  7. Jeez Prax! Get with the program! Everyone loves Spider-Man now! I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would disagree with his current status quo!

  8. @har13quin Really? A significant drop in sales is everyone liking a book? I don’t want to belabor the point. it’s been over a year, I’m not one to whine about a book I’m not reading, I’ve just enjoying my Spider-Man-less 616 Marvel universe. (Granted that’s only Iron Man, Hercules, Uncanny X-Men and X-Factor…) and have chosen to go with USM as my Spidey choice. If only Spider-Man 2099 was still around.

  9. @Rusty: Other then this one shot, the event is all contained in Incredible Hercules proper. Which is a breath of fresh air to be honest. You dont get big events to stay in one title.

  10. I just recently caught up with this series, and I’m realizing it was the perfect time. Love me some Cho and Herc banter.

  11. I am using this as a jumping on point for herc. Is it worth reading all the herc back issues?

  12. @Prax Sorry, i realise I probably didnt put enough sarcasm in my text. I thought using the phrase "get with the program" might have been enough. I obviously know and understand why people might not like spider-man. I personally love it and I think you have to take sales figures with more than a pinch of salt. 

  13. @tomfitz199 – I think all the back herc issues were super fun.  I would definitely recommend reading them.

  14. Everyone should read the back issues!

    Every issue is just fun and exciting to read. Well except for that one issue with a pointless Osborn cameo…..But the other 30ish issues are fantastic.

  15. What do I need to read to understand what is going on in this? Any pre-reqs? Or does it all start here?

  16. Fantastic start to this event!

    It’s totally reader friendly and anyone new can jump right in. Buchemi did some great art in this and the whole fight with Spider-Man and Herc was fantastic. This is how you should start an event Marvel, pay close attention to it.

    Can’t wait to see where this is going to take us; it’s like porn to me.

  17. With this being my first exposure to Herc, I’m not sure what to make of it… I think I was expecting a flat-out comedy.  I -think- I still liked it though, and I’ll give the next issue of Herc a shot.

  18. Naw, this book isn’t just comedy. It can be funny, but it has the mythological aspect, action/adventure component and some good character work.

    This book averages above a 4 since I jumped on with issue #126.

    I recommend those of you who are not reading Agents of Atlas vs. X-Men to go pick up the two issues. They were amazing and tie into this event.

    I’m feeling like Ron might pick issue #2 of the Agents of Atlas vs. X-Men if he picked it up this week.

  19. There was much more action elements into this then humor. Usually it’s a good balance, or in the case of Thorcules arc it can be all of the book. I think the majority of this event is gonna be like an action film with little doses of humor. Having Spider-Man do banter with Herc was a good amount of humor needed for the issue.

  20. "Why are you naked?"

     Sold – it’s a 5 in my book.

  21. 4/5 because of the gratuitous Wolverine appearance. Clarement had the right idea. Stop with the Wolverine!!!!!

  22. HAHAHA Spider-man talking about his classic moment made me laugh out loud.

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