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Part 2 of “The Other League”!

As a deadly hunter continues his murderous quest for the Atlantean trident, an unknown chapter of Aquaman’s life is revealed! Before he was a part of the Justice League, Aquaman was Arthur, the man from Atlantis, and leader of a mysterious team of adventurers.

Armed with weapons forged in Aquaman’s past, these men and women were on their way to becoming the most powerful people on Earth – until it all came crashing down.

Written by Geoff Johns
Pencilled by Ivan Reis
Inked by Joe Prado
Color by Rod Reis
Cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, & Rod Reis

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Is this the week I read this in the Bath? We’ll see…

  2. I met Ivan Reis at Boston Comic Con yesterday, and got some original art from him, SWEET!!!

  3. I’m such a big fan of Reis’ underwater art.

  4. Last issue was a lot of fun and I expect more of the same.

  5. God damn Johns is killing this! I want an aquaman summer event!

  6. If two years ago you would have told my Marvel zombie buying ass that my favorite books now would include Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash,,I would have laughed like a crazed mad man, but here we are.

  7. I work in fisheries conservation in canada, and part of my job is swimming in rivers and counting fish. I wear an aquaman t-shirt under my dry suit every time. So happy to see this book kicking ass

    • Ha! I did that job for awhile to. Except we were trap and gill netting white suckers and pickeral.
      This book is more than kicking ass. People can bash him all they want if him and Rick Remender wrote every comic book out there i’d be a happy man.

  8. Reis is my favorite artist right now……I agree with everybody else….this book is kicking some serious butt!

  9. Keep it up Geoffrey!

  10. Except for the tale end of the Trench storyline, which I felt got a bit muddled, this these issues have been fantastic. But JLA and GL have been leaving me cold, so go figure.

  11. Aquaman has been a great title and if you are intrested in reading a comic book and want a good old fashioned comic with, action, mystery, character development and even a splash of humor (pun intended); this is the book for you. There has been nothing but great artwork and 7 straight issues of 4 rating or better and even a couple of POW’s from me. I am very happy to see Arthur making a come back and those that do not like Aquaman should come and read this anyway since they can really see a different side of him and maybe just maybe convert a few haters!!??


  12. This book is hanging by a thread for me. Johns has still done exactly zero to show me why Aquaman is cool or interesting. The art, however, is almost too beautiful. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to drop a monthly Reis book…

  13. Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. This issue left me intrigued, excited for the next. Nice to finally get a little insight into Arthur’s character beyond mopey guy. And as always, Reis is a king among men.

    Good stuff, this.

  14. This is now turning into a big, dumb Michael Bay experience and I endorse it. (Although I normally wouldn’t recommend anything Bay) Johns is just going for full on action for this arc and the series has gotten better because of it. But Reis and Pardo’s art has always been fantastic and this issue is no different.


  15. This series has become one of my favorite DC titles. I look forward to it every month. You can tell Johns really is having fun writing Arthur and making him relevant. And Reis’ art is just gorgeous to look at. I would kill for a Reis pencilled JL series. Sorry, Jim.

  16. Spoiler……….I love the way Arthur is like “Mera babysit this guy while I go adventuring with this chick.” Well played Aquaman!

  17. fantastic issue. i liked seeing another side to arthur’s character.
    for the most part, aqua’s been pretty melancholy for this series. this is my first cracks at aqua books, so i don’t really know his attitudes and tendencies. but he’s reminded me a lot of a shakespearean type of character, like hamlet or macbeth.
    but to see him so angry and self entitled as to condemn a village at first thought…was not what i expected. what an asshole. a self righteous blue blood. just adds layers to his personality. he’s royalty, so i can see him being a prick. makes sense on a lota levels. on the flip side, it seems like he has a lot to make up for. a motivational tool that no doubt drives him. perhaps being a hero = redemption for him. lil’ early to tell. just a thought.
    and “the others” are awesome. prisoner, vostok, operative, seer and ya’wara. i would like to see them well highlighted thoughout the rest of the arc and after. perhaps a mini would do them justice. i’d buy it.

  18. With a strong story and top notch visuals, Aquaman #8 goes up there with the winners.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  19. Really enjoyed this. Johns is on a roll with this title.

  20. Good solid title. Art is yummy stuff for the eyes and the writing is sweets for the brain. Good job Johns!

  21. I agree with everyone that has posted. Johns has really brought my attention back to characters that I lost interest in due to lack of plot. At 28, I never thought I would regularly be reading Aquaman, The Flash, or Green Lantern. I love that Johns really took Aquaman back to basics and gave Arthur a human side rather than just the king of Atlantis. I look forward to seeing how he develops as a stand alone character as well as a Justice League member.

  22. This deserves the POW hands down for me and a solid, solid 5 rating!! The cover, the artwork, the action and mystery with a splash of humor. I just hope Johns can continue to stay with Aquaman forever because I am afraid if and once he leaves this will not be the same ever again. Johns really, really seems to like this character as well as, the others that he has really brought new life into. This issue I really was not looking forward to this other super group at all, and he even made them intresting in like one issue. Great work to the whole Aquaman pit crew!!!!


  23. POTW. no question.

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