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Who sank Atlantis? Mera, the beautiful Atlantean assassin trained in the Bermuda Triangle, follows a trail of death and deceit to the one man who knows the ugly truth. But what does he want in return for his secrets – and how does it all tie into Mera’s own dark past?

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
Variant cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.7%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I’m excited to see a Mera-centric issue….but I would love to see an issue on her grocery shopping then following a murder mystery.

    How does she pick the right Catsup?….Or is it Ketchup?

  2. TNC-I am with you on that, I think her grocery shopping and interacting with the humans would be a riot!! Either way I will not complain because whatever direction Johns is headed with this title I am on board for awhile.
    This is one of the best of the New 52 and I think this will be the last time I use that statement since we are six months into this now and there really is nothing new about it. The artwork has been beautiful and the back story so well paced for the main character and his supporting cast and plenty of love for Aquaman!! He deserves better and I know no matter what or how this title does the chances of changing the perceptions of A-man will be almost impossiple; ecspecially non-readers.
    I can see Mera moving into one of the most powerful female characters in the DCU and I hope she gets some time in other titles as well.


  3. should be good

  4. really diggn’ aquaman right now.
    i think maybe a new look would do aquafresh some justice. granted, i know jackshit about fashion, but i think that orange(or rather gold, right?) and green gloves with the fins on his calfs might be a lil’ tired.
    dont get me wrong, i love his classic motif….i just would like to see something different.
    still, it’s fantastic that the worst thing i have to say about this concerns his threads

    • Actually, the tune-up of Aquaman’s new/old look is arguably one of the best directions this book [& by proxy the rest of the NuDCU] has taken.

      Flash Fact: The ‘modern/original’ look of the character must precede all deviations. The original conventions and tropes of DC’s icons need to be re-established in this new age before the “ALL NEW! ALL DIFFERENT!” versions can start cropping up. This new DCU needs to establish where it’s from before it goes anywhere. Once there is a common ‘baseline’ for this new reality, we can branch out with abandon.
      Bring It On!
      Make It NEWer!!”

      Thinking in an editorial/publisher way, I, imho, would consider nothing less than a twelve to eighteen month roll-out. The entire line wouldn’t be complete [so to speak] until two years out, all said and done. …Not at least if you don’t want a complete collapse of the new paradigm. If you go too far afield at the start, you risk the chance of losing The Person Of Casual Interest. The attention of TPOCI©* must be captured before you go forward. Believe me; before you know it, things are gonna change. Hang on to tour hat. You DID get a hat, right?

      We’re on a new trip here. Strap in and let’s ride!

      *Thank You Chaykin/Dick/Heinlein/Brunner/Asimov

    • i never considered that so much could hang in the balance depending upon what shirt aquaman wears.
      interesting thoughts.
      if it’ll save the dcu, i’m more than happy to wait a year or so

    • I think that’s only fair.

  5. I also would really like to see a grocery shopping trip.

  6. I’m surprised and happy as hell to see that Aquaman is still in my top 5 new 52 titles.
    In Johns we trust!!!!

  7. Well I just checked out the preview over at CBR and it has Mera in the grocery store shopping for dog food and ends up with a confrontation with a perverted store manager, imagine that. I really like this title alot and this scene alone shows how much fun this title is going to be as well as the drama, action, adventure, and mystery. The artwork is very good and I must say just from that one scene I was hooked on this issue; POW this week is going to be a tight race this time I think. There maybe a three way tie for me I can see it already.
    How many types of dog food are out there and they really need to get a human resources person to that store. That manager really does not understand the severity of walking in the soup does he? When she broke his arm I wanted to laugh in that dudes face so hard if he was for real, what a dirt bag!!


  8. As a long-time reader (1960’s, since you ask) I’m very glad to see Aquaman finally getting the series he deserves. This is the best it’s been seen Skates and Aparo. Way too long a wait.

  9. This was a solid issue to give Mera more of a voice and actual relevance in today’s issues. I loved how she handled the stand off, it was a unique and powerful way to show Mera’s powers. But the art was really inconsistent even though Pardo has been inking this series since it started. He’s no Ivan Reis even with Reis doing the breakdowns.


  10. Damn! I forgot to mention on here and in my review:

    Rick Grimes is in this issue! Cause that dad, who’s holding the gun in the end, isn’t Rick Grimes from Walking Dead then Joe Pardo is a lair. 😉

  11. Wasn’t quite what I expected from a Mera-focused issue but it was enjoyable enough and I’m really liking Aquaman and the little family he’s got going now. Still one of my favourite books from the New 52.

  12. I know this might be a little obvious and I don’t think Johns is even trying to hide it but this series is simply Aquaman interacting with the seaside community from Jaws.

    Amity Island vs. Amnesty Bay.

    It even has that Speilberg-ian formula of Sci-fi Supernatural events from the domestic family perspective

  13. I was a bit let down by this issue. As I read through it, I started to notice that the artwork seemed a bit off compared to previous issues. I don’t know that it WAS, since I didn’t go back to compare, but it didn’t look as good as previous Aquaman issues.

    I’m also getting a bit tired of the whole idea that everyone constantly makes fun of Aquaman and Mera. I understand it’s a part of the world and I don’t mind the few odd comments here or there in each issue, but I was hoping it wasn’t going to get shoved in my face again like it had been the first couple issues. Maybe I just didn’t like it because this issue was too predictable.

    Hopefully the story gets back on track for these next few issues and whatever Atlanteans Aquaman and Mera meet up with don’t have to make fun of Aquaman’s silly pants or whatever…

  14. Well I have to say, this has taken POW for me this time and it was a tight race. Mera is bad ass and I did not mind at all having her star in this issue. That is one of the reasons this took POW for me, Johns really thinking outside of the box and the pacing for all the background on these characters has made this title very enjoyable. The artwork again this issue has been very good with a few minor areas which seemed rushed and some faces looked almost distorted. Because of the story in this issue I really did not care because this really transfered well into my mind, if that makes sense. Another great issue and if you are not reading this title you should give this a try in trade and see what it is about.


  15. I usually have a bias against books that don’t feature the title character–but in this case, I’ll make an exception. We needed to get a sense of Mera’s character, and this story did just that. I’m really enjoying this book right now…5/5.

  16. I’m tired of being told why I’m wrong about how lame Aquaman and Mera are… He already convinced me in the first issue! Write an actual story now and stop trying to beat the point into my head with twelve hammers.

    • funny, i feel like the point you’re making has been beaten into my head by at least 12 people before you.
      listen to that inner voice and stop reading now and save yourself the headache by removing the hammers.
      you turn the screws, so take it easy on yourself.

    • @sitara119: that’s a good point

  17. I think everyone is over thinking this series. Listen, this series is what it is, Johns isn’t trying to write a saga like Snyder and the court of owls, He’s trying to undo years of shit and abuse aquaman has taken all while telling backstory and setting up new arcs. This was the easiest 5 stars and POTW i’ve given in a long time.

  18. Didn’t like the art so much in this issue, but I’m surprised to find myself intrigued by the character of Mera. Never even knew she was “an assassin trained in the Bermuda Triangle.” Far out

  19. TheRealVenom- Very nicely said, I agree 100%!!
    Hermgerm- Yeah that was something I think we all found out before the reboot that she was a trained assassin and was out to kill Aquaman and then she fell in love with him and that all changed. Now they are sticking with that idea and really giving us some good back ground on that as well. The artwork like I said was pretty good except for the few faces that looked distorted.


  20. I fear that if Johns continues to push this whole “Everyone thinks Aquaman is lame, BUT LOOK, HE REALLY ISN’T!” thing is that he is in fact going to inadvertently cause the character to become lame. It was a cute meta joke in the first issue, but this has been a thing that has spread to most (if not all) of the issues so far. There’s really no in-story reason for this, since Aquaman utterly annihilates any threat that came his way so far. If we were presented with a history of failure, that would be different. As it stands, though, Johns is portraying Aquaman to have always been this unstoppable dude who performs these incredibly public and seen feats of heroism, but the townsfolk still rip on him. It’s just a bit uneven, and stemming from a joke that’s gone on for too long. There seems to be gold within this series, so I hope Johns tones down this aspect.

  21. hated the art at first. but after further inspection i realized that it was not so bat after all. not fuckn’ fantastic, but still good. i didnt know there was a different artist on this one so it came as a slight shock in the beginning and skewed my initial perception. luckily i managed to overcome my prejudice of fill-in artists and was able to see this book for what it truly is: AWESOME!

    sidenote; the 2 best fill-in artists of my year thus far:

  22. Yeah….I’m done. It was god awful. I don’t need Mera going shopping for dogfood and terrible art. This coupled with Green Lantern, Johns been dropping the ball big time.

  23. this book was great. i like when she said she hated guns.

  24. I really enjoyed Mera getting the spotlight. It fleshes her out more as an individual, which she has needed. Good action scenes, good strong female positions on things (she should cross over with Wonder Woman), and a nice ending with the girl. The art was inconsistent but not awful. Story: 4/5 Art: 3/5

  25. I didnt dig this issue too much. The most interesting aspect is the mysterious character development, everything else was filler. Misunderstood hero buying food stumbles onto a crime in progress, beats the tar out of the suspect, and gets nothing but grief from the victims/on-lookers.

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