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  1. Alright. Let’s see what this Paul Pelletier can do.

    • I read this last week (I buy dc stuff digitally), i was a little worried about Reis leaving but I was actually pretty impressed with this.

  2. Loved every second of this comic. Solid, solid, solid. Aquaman has really gone from Zero to Hero since the new 52 started.

  3. I jumped off Aquaman after the first few issue arc to jump on back with this issue since its a part of the tie in and this was a great issue, the pelletier art was fantastic and i found this even better then the Justice League tie in issue so i may stick around for this Throne of Atlantis mini event

  4. Loving Aquaman. Geoff Johns has made me care about this character like he did with Green Lantern. I was never a big fan of either one but now those books are among what DC books I do pick up each month, along with Justice Leage, of course. This crossover with JL is looking good so far.

  5. This was alright. Going from Reis to anyone was bound to be rough, but Pelletier wasn’t doing much for me here. The art wasn’t bad. Just forgettable.

    Story wise, I’m all in. It’s been my experience that these events and crossovers that fly under the radar are usually the best ones. We’re only two issues deep (this and JL #15), but so far I’m enjoying it. We’ll see where we are after the events of the crossover, but if Pelletier’s the new regular artist, I may not stick around. Ivan Reis was an even 50% of my reason for buying this, and since I’ll have him on JL, Johns is gonna have to keep my interest after this storyline.

  6. Really liked this part 2 to Throne of Atlantis. Great art and story.

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