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• The conclusion to “The Others”!

• The traitor in the team is revealed!

• Who is BLACK MANTA working for?

Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Oclair Albert, & Andy Lanning
Colors by Rod Reis
Letters by Nick J. Napolitano
Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. If Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis leave this book who would y’all like to see become the creative team?

  2. Anyone else feel that this book has gone downhill ever since Manta showed up?

    • I thought it had but I recently re-read the entire arc so far and found it much better all in one go. Looking forward to this issue, I’m interested to see how Johns wraps this up.

    • I feel like that too. It is constantly on my maybe cut list with Flash and Hawkman.

    • You serious!? I think Manta is one of the most promising villains at DC at the moment.

    • Manta has helped elevate this series. i liked how he was hunting the Others down like a ninja on a quest for the weapon that sunk Alantis. enthralling stuff.

    • omg, are you serious?? Manta is bad ass! Best villain in DC right now. He is bloody lethal!

    • I agree with GunnerAsh, after rereading the arc, I realived just how awesome this story is. Not to mention beautifully drawn by Reis. And the new character being introduced are pretty cool and I would like to see some of their adventures in the past.

    • eh i guess i’m in the minority

      I just can’t get over Manta’s costume

    • Black Manta kills it! The back story with him and Aquaman is great. I get burnt on all of these stories having to be 6 issue arcs. I think they’re good and I really enjoy reading them but I am looking forward to some one and domes or 2 issue stories.

    • Manta is the BEST.

  3. Love the cover!

  4. Could be my last issue. Don’t know who’ll replace this team, thank god it isn’t Leifeld. My guess its some writer from the 90’s Marvel era like most of DC’s books.

  5. Loved this arc and hopefully Johns delivers on the last issue. I know Reis will deliver cause he has been for 11 out of the 12 issues.

  6. Haven’t been thrilled with this arc. Honestly, I’m over Johns. Don’t know what happened, but I think his too kewl for skewl attitude just got too grating. But Ivan Reis was the draw here — not pun intended. His depature pretty much guarantees mine as well.

  7. where is ivan reis and joe prado going?

  8. I am going to see this arc through, but I haven’t enjoyed it. Maybe, as others mentioned, I need to re-read it all together. But having this be a team that Aquaman was on before the JL just seems unnecessary to me. I don’t know any of those characters, they are poorly fleshed out, and I don’t care about any of them. Since I don’t care about them, I don’t care what happens to them, so the stakes are pretty low for me. This book is on the block though.

    • this is as awesome as it gets. the Others are some of the most creative and unique batch of characters i’ve seen in a while. i’m really impressed that they all came out at the same time. you clearly aren’t diggin’ this, so why waste time? bangin’ yourself over the head with a comic book isn’t good for anyone, so take it easy on yourself and just jump ship. remember man, you turn the screws.

  9. This fucking blows. I love this title and don’t want a new creative team.

    Is it official or is there still hope?

    • Theres always hope… but Johns tends to leave books after about 12 or so issues (Other then GL, thats his main title). I just hope Reis and Prado stay.. But if he leaves, they probley will to. I just pray to God the new team is good, but 9/10 writers seem to mess up Aquaman… and its hard to beat Reis on art unless Manapul or E. Van S. picks it up.

  10. This issue was really cool. I was pretty sad to see ‘Vostok’ bow out, though he did so with real dignity and quiet nobility.

    I thought that the flashback with childhood Aquaman being tutored/studied by Dr. Shin was very well done. It took place at a heated moment and yet never slowed the pace of the story itself. It revealed that there was a moment where Arthur considered letting Shin die, highlighting how much he has changed as a character since his time with ‘The Others’.

    Also: It was great seeing Mera in action again. I always love it when she gets to be a badass. I’m excited for the conclusion to this tale and Issue 0.

    – Reading these comments, it seems as if the creative team is about to change. This would be sad, but I think that DC needs to pull out all the stops to keep Aquaman a top-selling book. Geoff Johns has made ‘Aquaman’ cool and it has consistently been one of the best books of the New 52. I think it should be a big name team, perhaps one that has been away from DC for a while.

    Art wise: If they can get Van Sciver to do it, I’d be a happy camper.

  11. Lovin Aquaman right now. I got the robot chicken variant cover for this issue as well.

  12. My favorite part of this book was the opening scene featuring Mera and her kick-@$$ abilities; that was amazing. The fight against Manta was also pretty awesome, and the death of that one character was very moving, as was seeing Arthur crying.

    Please check my non-review of Aquaman #12 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  13. This story is moving along nicely. Some really epic action pieces in this one (that double page spread? Phew!). The stakes are high, the characters are compelling, and I’m invested.

    But the biggest draw here is the artwork. Ivan Reis may be the best superhero artist in the industry right now. His work doesn’t get gushed over nearly enough. This guy gets it. His character design is creative, his anatomy is solid, his panel-to-panel is efficient, and his action is seamless. Hyperbole aside, I consider myself fortunate to be able to soak in such beautiful work once a month. If the rumors about Reis taking over for Lee on Justice League are true, I say give the man his due. I can’t think of any other artist more deserving of a top tier title.

    • I totally agree. Ivan Reis has been on top form since ‘Blackest Night’ and thoroughly deserves all praise heaped upon him (of which there often isn’t enough). If he keeps going the way he has been, he could one day be considered amongst the best of all time. Absolutely.

      He is a brilliant story teller and, to me, is the only artist that could match (or even beat) Jim Lee on ‘Justice League’. If he takes over art duties of JL – I’m definitely signing up for another year. Ivan rules.

    • Ivan Reis is the only worthy successor to Jim Lee’s throne(in my mind Lee is king of the artists since Kirby’s passing). i’ll be really sad to see Lee go, but if he does, at least my JL comics won’t be TOO soaked with my tears every month thereafter. 😀

  14. Issue was awesome…….Reis is the best artist working in comics today…..if he leaves I’ll follow him to whatever title he goes too and I hope its Justice League.
    Oh and I’m in the camp that thinks Black Manta is a bad ass villian.

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