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The most powerful super team ever – that’s right, we said it – faces the threat of the infamous Dire Wraiths! But can a squad that includes Silver Surfer, Gladiator and Beta-Ray Bill defeat this diabolical race and the dark magic they are unleashing?

Meanwhile, Rocket Raccoon and Groot zoom deeper into their adventure as Rocket’s secret and slightly crazy origin is revealed!

Story by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Tan Eng Huat, Victor Olazaba & Timothy Green II
Colors by June Chung
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Alex Garner & Jelena Djurdjevic

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.2%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  2. Even if the Annihilators story wasn’t lotsa fun (which is is), the Rocket and groot stuff would be worth the price of admission, easy.

  3. I really wish they had gotten a better artist for the Annihilators story.

  4. Still in. Still not feeling the team working. Needs more Cosmo.

  5. Can we please stop teasing me of shades of Rom and let me have some Rom? Must have Rom!!

  6. The annihilators is really missing Nova, and a better artist. With those two elements, it would have been great.

  7. I agree about the art, Tan Eng Huat has never clicked with me.  The team definitely isn’t as compelling as the Guardians but I still like this story.  It’s good, just not as good as most of what came before.

    The Rocket Raccoon and Groot bits I completely love.  Great art by Timothy Green.  The undergrowth army from the last issue looked so cool.

  8. Rocket and Groot is fantastic. I think the story for Annihilators is going to come around this issue. It started coming together at the end of the last issue. The problem is that DNA are attempting to use Quasar as the narrator/protagonist, because he has historically been less confident than the other annihilators (characters with no faults are boring). Having Nova would have been a perfect fit as a protagonist. This is why Nova and Guardians of the galaxy worked so excellently–Nova and Star-Lord were better ‘main characters’

  9. I’m loving this series.  I still wish they would bring back the Guardians but I think DnA have a plan for there cosmic characters.  Just wish we knew what it was. 

  10. Pretty sweet reveal at the end. What does anyone think this means for the future of Marvel Cosmic?

  11. Huat’s art is amazing.  Unique and has it’s own sorta grit to it.  Great stuff from Green II as well.

    @Noto  oh he’s comin there’s no doubt in my mind. 

  12. @Franktiger  I  hope so, I really do.

  13. The Rom comics were just outstanding stuff back when.

    If you think about this team, with two cosmic powers, essentially two Thors, and a Superman, there should be no stopping this team ever.

  14. The main story brought in some good ideas about the cosmic universe but the team still doesn’t interest me.

    Rocket Racoon and Groot was really fun but I had called the twist from a mile away.

  15. The Silver Surfer should not be drawn to have ears.  Or drawn by Tan Eng Huat at all, I’m thinking.  It’s too bad Pelletier wasn’t brought in for this series.  I’ve loved all of the Marvel cosmic stuff he’s done so far.

  16. @JRscherer

    Pelletier would have been perfect for this book–War of Kings was epic. I was quite a bit happier with the art in this issue compared to the last two though.

  17. i think Annihilators #3 got off to a good start but kinda went downhill about half way through the issue. pretty much everybody out there is unhappy with the skrull appearance even though it explains the “Dr. Dredd” appearnce. but i just got done reading New Warriors #75 (Vol.1) in which Volx gets a spike though the head (how ironic) and turns into ash. so WTF!? i thought issues 1 & 2 were better. Abnett & Lanning are gonna have to come up big on issue#4. especially were ROM fans are concerned. and speaking of which:

  18. @Noto  this might make you feel better:

  19. @CaseyJustice  Totally, TOTALLY, agree with you.

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