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• “EXTINCTION IS FOREVER” part one of three!

• Separated from Buddy, the rest of the Baker family is in terrible danger!

• Guest-starring JOHN CONSTANTINE!

Story by Jeff Lemire
Art by Steve Pugh
Color by Loverne Kindzierski
Lettered by Jared K Fletcher
Cover by Travel Foreman & Loverne Kindzierski

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. The book that keeps me from burning out. I think if I dropped everything else I’d still get this. Interested to see what Constantine brings to the mix

  2. These arcs seem rather arbitrary. As far as I can see, it’s been a single story since issue 1. If you asked me which part of that story constituted “Animal Vs. Man,” I would legitimately have no idea.

    • Yeah, I never really pay attention to that stuff. I guess marketing plays a part, but I couldn’t care less about what they’re calling one particular part of the same story.

  3. I’ve loved the parts with the Red Totems like the one seen on the cover – hope we see a lot more of those. Foreman’s design of those have been some of my favorite parts of the series.

  4. I just can’t find myself buying this any longer, it’s not the Animal Man I was hoping for, a super hero is what I was hoping for. The whole rot, red, and green have finally gotten to me and Swamp Thing is probably another one on the block as well. Does budget have a lot to do with it? Yes, of course; I have never purchased so many comics in my entire life and it’s finally gotten to me. I wish Animal Man the best and ol Swampy…..



    • I don’t disagree but I’m not dropping it. The rot, the red, the green are a bit silly but the book is way better than most

  5. I read the first two issues of this and found them to be “good but not great”. But I just pre-ordered the first trade because I found it for so cheap. Aaaand… I like the idea of Constantine showing up here. So I have a positive outlook on this series. I prefer Pugh to Foreman, so that’s good. I’m impressed that this series is still in the #1 spot above Swamp Thing and AvX.

  6. Loving this story and really excited to see what Lemire brings!

  7. So…is Travel Foreman officially off this title now?

  8. Can’t wait for this, and Constantine makes this even more exciting.

  9. This is how you, spoiler, kill a character. Advancing the plot and keeping the train rolling. I love this! DC can kill their characters off all the time now if it means they get to hang out in the red.

  10. I only started collecting single issue comic books since the launch of the new 52. I dabbled here and there for titles to keep me committed to coming to my local comic book store in the past, but nothing would grasp my attention nor kindle my interest in collecting weekly issues. (also being intimidated by the numbering, i am not gonna lie)
    Animal Man and Swamp Thing were two of the many titles of the new 52 that got me going to my local comic book store and have gotten me excited for the weekly pulls.
    The story arc so far in Animal man as made me yearn for each coming issue, and this one is no exception.

  11. Lemire is a great writer awesome comic gets better every issue!

  12. Love that Constantine talks like inspector space-time, ‘who the he’ll indeed’

  13. Best issue of AM in a while. Loved the lore of the red here, and a great new character (shepard)too. and this really was a breakout issue for steve pugh, his best work. PotW.

  14. This book had an awesome first page!

  15. I really enjoyed this issue. It was cool how Lemire wrote that nod to Morrison’s run (providing more information as to what Flashpoint did and did not change). I know a lot of people are getting sick of the Green/Red/Rot situation, but, honestly, I am having a whole lot of fun with it. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  16. If the rest of this cross over is as weak as this issue it looks like we’re in for a horrible time

  17. consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Another brilliant issue, this and Snyders Batman are my two favourite books every month it seems.

  18. Well I read it anyway and I am dropping this from pull list for sure next month, tghe artwork does not appeal to me and like I said before this red, green and rot plot; is boring me to no ends. I also realize this is the foundation of this character as well as Swampy, I just really do not care for this title. I really would like to see some good old fashioned super hero work for Buddy and maybe grow a nice little rogues gallery of his own. That is just how I feel, others may enjoy this title for the very reasons that I do not; good luck and enjoy!



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