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“Animal vs. Man” part 1!

As the forces of the Rot continue to pursue The Bakers across the backwoods of America, Cliff and Buddy decide to get in some quality father-and-son time.

Plus, Buddy has a terrifying vision of things to come!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE

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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Stoked about Steve Pugh coming onboard. Loved the Preacher spin-off, Saint of Killers he did back in the days.

  2. btw thanks for the link

  3. That lady is creepy cool!

  4. New DC logo starting this month?

  5. Father and son te wit Buddy and Ciff ? I can dig it.

  6. I’m really excited for this ark. Does anyone know which issue Pugh will start? Who knows?

  7. As I understand it – Pugh started doing some fill in/help work on these next two issues, and starts full-time in earnest on #9. Hopefully they found a way to make the Foreman and Pugh pages work together, so its not too jarring.

    Just loving this series, loving Swamp Thing, and love how its interconnected. Just fantastic.

  8. What an incredible book this has been. Made even better that it took me completely by surprise – Lemire’s mainstream work had been okay to mediocre previous to this (Superboy, the Atom). This is so much more in his wheelhouse, it’s scarey.

    Hugely excited for more, though I’m gutted Foreman had to go. I understand his reasons, and respect them, I just thought he was perfect for this book. Pugh will be spectacular as well, I’m sure, but that horror design Foreman injected into the book was flawless.

    Looking forward to this, Swamp Thing, Lemire’s JL Dark in a couple of issues, and Kindt taking over Frankenstein for Lemire!

    • I really liked Superboy, I thought the art let it down more than once, but the story, particular the issue that was a western flashback.

      Like you though I am really looking forward to JLD it sounds perfect for him.

  9. Superboy definitely had it’s bright spots, but there was a lot of lackluster predictability there. It was competent and had moments of real emotional honesty, but on the whole was meh for me.

    I felt similarly about The Atom — Lemire definitely knew who Ray Palmer was and did some fairly interesting things with him, but he didn’t have many – if any – ‘wow’ moments in the whole story.

  10. enjoyed the 1st arc and excited by the start of the second arc . a very very good book but with the cross over with swamp thing always going to get compared and for me i rate swamp thing higher out of the two

  11. I don’t know why, but the site is not allowing me to pull any comics for my list. When I point the cursor over the pull tab, the hand does not appear and it won’t let me pull. Anyone else have this issue?

  12. Hot damn Animal man is one great comic. Can’t wait for the annual. Issue 7 was as good as the rest. Next up Swamp Thing…….I love week 1 of the new 52

  13. Ah, that’s the stuff. I should stop buying other comics the same week as Animal Man, 5 star books look poor in comparison. Hyperbole….maybe, but this book has been my Potw almost (if not every) time it’s out.

    I think the new artist has slotted in perfectly, Ifanbase you were right!

  14. This was my favorite issue since #1! I thought it was perfectly paced and I loved the art transitions. I would not mind at all if they continued in this style or if Pugh took over all together. There were so many great moments and the end of Buddy’s nightmare was truly terrifying.

    Anyone know who the old lady with the shotgun was??

  15. One two knock out punch. Reading swamp thing and then animal man back to back is perfect. Hope it keeps going!

  16. Eh- Didn’t like the other artist. It was an ok issue. Not as good as the previous issues, especially reading this after Swamp Thing (the art in ST blew me away this week, while AM suffered in art this week)

  17. That future scene was such freaking great. I had a feeling that was Constantine but wasn’t sure who the woman was. The glasses should have given it away. The appearance of one Swamp creature really made my day. That combined with all the talk of the RED in Swamp Thing (and how the RED might need dealing with down the road???? COME ON FUCK YEA AWESOME)… sorry.

    Such a fantastic one two punch.

  18. Some weird art swings, but Pugh did a great job. As long as Pugh can draw some gross shit for the red, the art switch shouldn’t be too bad. Great stuff as usual.

  19. Really missed seeing every page done by Travel Foreman but still enjoyed this issue alot. I like that I got too see more of Buddy and Cliff interacting with each other and I found the scene with Cliff talking to the young ladies to be very touching.4/5

  20. I haven’t read anything that Pugh has done. Hopefully his work will improve as he takes over.

    The stuff Foreman did on this book will stay with me. I’m looking forward to whatever else he does.

  21. I am in love with this title. It has been beyond good from moment one and never lets go of it’s reader…well, this reader. The crossover is going to be fabulous if it’s half as good as these stories have been so far on their own. Oh, by the way, he’s hot and all, but why is Buddy always half naked?

  22. Maybe it was because he was trying to ape Foreman’s style to match his pages in this issue. But I wasn’t a fan of Pugh’s work in this issue. Hopefully he goes for more of his own style when he takes over on his own.

  23. Avatar photo Parri">Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Animal Man has pretty much turned into Little Miss Sunshine the comic. With a super hero. And a heavy helping of fucked up. And I’m totally fine with that.

  24. ya know, when i first saw this week’s dc covers i said to myself:
    “self, here we go again with the fuckn’ banners ruining more beautiful covers for the sake shoving some event down my throat or letting me know what the current theme of the universe is. it’s bad enough they still put bar codes on the front cover, but now they put these shitty banners that say shit like….um….oh….”
    my thoughts just fell flat when i actually read what it said.
    banners can be used for good after all.
    bravo, dc. dig the new logo. so sleek.

    another good issue. wish foreman did all the art, but the story still comes through. i’m sure pugh will grow on me.

  25. Did anyone else notice that Foreman drew Ellen without glasses while Pugh drew her with them?

    The art was noticeably different, but I didn’t mind and rather enjoyed Pugh’s take on the characters.

    • Also, on page 8 where the animals are destroying the old man’s truck, is that wolf/coyote-looking beast wearing a purple bandanna around it’s arm? It also appears to have some type of marking…as wells as the donkey/mule/horse to the right of it…Odd.

    • I smell a no-prize

  26. Animal Man: We’re being chased by monstrous animals. Attacks on others by said animals are all over the national news. Perhaps we should ask the Justice League for help.

    Mrs. Animal Man (whose entire persona up until this point has been that of a spastic helicopter mom): Nah, don’t even try. Not only have I come to realize my children are not objectively important, which might demonstrate philosophical growth if it wasn’t such a random as realization, I also stupidly don’t think rabid supernatural animals bent on destroying the universe could possibly interest super-heroes.

  27. the art blended together perfectly. lemire makes you feel like apart of the family. to me it feels like a classic horror movie RV trip cross america. Near dark comes to mind. this issue was awesome, and the build up towards alec/swamp thing is so close can’t wait. it be cool if they started an actual two man team for the long run. can’t think of a name for em’. also the references towards meeting flash also hints of whats going on in the new 52 world in this book just is cool.

  28. My shop actually still had this on pull list, I dropped it as of last month. So I read it yesterday and it was actually the best issue I think from this title so far. I really like this title and I really like the Animal Man character and always have its just, I really felt this was not for me. This issue I must admit was some fun and the ending was like OH SHIT!
    The one question I had was when the old man was driving in his truck and saw the stampede why the hell did he jump out of his truck and run? That made no sense at all; why not pull a U turn and hammer down? He had plenty of time to do it; so that really was like; HUH? Why the hell would some one do that?


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