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• Trapped in a horrible future controlled by The Rot, Animal Man battles Grodd and his Gorillas in a city they’re claiming for their own!

• Frankenstein joins the fight!

• Guest-starring Steel, Black Orchid, Beast Boy and John Constantine!

• Plus: Find out what happened to Maxine after Buddy left with Swamp Thing to enter Rotworld. Hint: It’s not good…

Story by Jeff Lemire
Art by Steve Pugh, Timothy Green II, & Joseph Silver
Colors by Lovern Kindzierski
Letters by Jared K. Fletcher
Cover by Steve Pugh

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. This is the week Animal Man falls from the number one spot?

    • It was #2 to AVX 12 about 2 months ago. This is a book that may get better after Rotworld is over if 1. Lemire is still on the title and 2. if they allow him to tell a tale that is more focused on Buddy’s family life back home.

      There is ‘family elements’ in this story line but it focuses too much on the typical bullshit you can find in all the other super hero books. Would love to see them get back to the hood in San D. like Morrison, Delano and Veitch did in the first volume. That is where the strength of the Animal Man character lies. DC seems to just want to ram ‘super battles’, cheesey dialogue and nonsense in to books that would be better off without all that. I know Lemire can write and write well…I’ve read Essex Co. and Underwater Welder, he does drama and bizarre really well. I think it would work well with Animal Man.

    • @Juhl75

      I agree completely! The title has been too wrapped up in the crossover. I like the ideas behind the crossover, but it’s far to epic in nature for these characters. Swamp Thing and Animal Man are loners by nature…that’s part of the appeal…this story is taking too long.

      Cheesy dialogue like Buddy’s line when he punched Grodd?
      Action sequences like an army of patchwork soldiers…

      I didn’t think that

  2. Avengers wil take the top spot by a landslide.

  3. If DC is serious about making this book great after this drawn out Rotworld event.. then they would keep Lemire on the title and let him cut loose. Bring the family back home and let him do his quirky, bizarre, slice of life that he does so well and mix it with some superhero. Buddy should be a bit clumsy, unsure of himself and at times unmotivated. His wife should be the ball breaker she is. Cliff the rebel and comic relief. And Maxine should grow and have fun with her powers. The family angle was always the driving force behind the first volume of Animal Man and would love to see that again. Jeff Lemire is the perfect writer for that type of series….I just feel he has been wasted with this Rotworld event. I enjoy picking up Animal Man every week but I really look forward to the book continuing after RW is over. I hope they let Jeff loose a bit and let him tell a tale he is capable of telling and making this series great again.

    • Completely agree. I understand Snyder enjoys everything the biggest and bestest but thats not why I enjoy Lemire.

      I love him when he’s doing his understated, character driven work like in Essex County and Underwater Welder. The only reason I’m sticking around at the moment is that I know he has these good stories in him.

    • Yes! I loved the family stuff early on and the Travel Foreman art, and then POOF it all disappeared and I was left with this decompressed, boring tie-in called Rotworld. It ruined this and Swamp Thing for me. If it got back to its early glory I would probably pick the book back up.

  4. These covers are really getting boring every week. I’m beginning to miss Travel Foremen more and more.

    • I would love to have Foreman back on the covers… or maybe Bolland. I always liked his covers on Animal Man. Either of those 2 need to come back.

  5. I’m ready for this to wrap up. Fun story, but getting a little tired of Rotworld.

    • Same here.

      I’m close to dropping Animal Man, but I’ll wait and see what comes after Rotworld. I’m a big fan of Jeff Lemire, but it feels like Rotworld has been dragging on and on.

      I came on board with #1 because of Jeff Lemire and a curiosity with what he would do with Buddy and his family life. I agree with what Juhl75 has posted above as well. I’d like to see more ‘slice of life’ story telling with Animal Man, and less ‘we have to stop the Rot to save the world’ story telling, which is what I think the character of Animal Man is suited to.

  6. “Events” are boring for the most part. They’ve corrupted both of these titles by trying too damn hard to create an EPIC! Please, go back to small ball.

  7. Listen to the Word Balloon podcast with Lemire. It sounds like he is going to get to his type of story telling after Rotworld is finally over.

  8. I enjoy this and Swamp Thing but I just feel this story has dragged on a bit too long now.

    Probably going to drop both titles until I read the new arcs are amazing. Sad, but my money isn’t all that plentiful at the mo and something needs to be culled.

  9. The artwork is wildly inconsistent. I think i would have preferred to have read a RotWorld 6 issue Mini, and let these two titles go on their way. I will gladly buy 6 issues of Animal Man a year ( every other month ) if you give me the style we saw in the first couple of issues. This issue makes me hope for a rapid conclusion to this event.

  10. Was very much into the Swamp Thing / Animal Man – Rot crossover stuff since Issue 1, but it’s a bit long in the tooth now.

    Where is Vixen? She should be an agent of the Red too, fighting alongside Animal Man and his friends. She is way more relavent then Steel. Why is he there?

    The ending of this issue left me cold. Who was that supposed to be, the New52 Alan Scott?

    I hope the characters who died in this issue aren’t really dead, that would be kinda lame.

  11. Animal Man comment bot activated: I miss Travel Foreman’s art. Rotworld is going on too long. Animal Man Comment bot deactivated.

  12. those two comments appear every issue it seems. So who is Green Lantern?

  13. everyone whining about Rotworld either shit or get off the pot. I’m loving it so hope it lasts another year.

    I have no interest in Hel On Earth so I don’t get it. Saves me going on Superman and twisting about it every month

  14. I just read on Jeff Lemire’s blog that Jae Lee will become the regular cover artist starting with issue #18. That’s some good news for Animal Man.

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