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• Prelude to ‘ROTWORLD’!

• Continued in this month’s SWAMP THING #12.

• BUDDY and ALEC go into the Rot, and events from the last year of both series are recapped for new readers.

Writer : Jeff Lemire
Artist : Steve Pugh

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  1. So, is this a recap issue? I worry that this is the issue where very little happens.

  2. I dropped Swamp Thing (too empty) and Frankenstein (didn’t like the new writer at all) so I’m not too thrilled this book will be crossing over with them.

    • From what I’ve heard you can read the books solo. I like you dropped Swamp Thing (at isssue 1) and Frankenstein (when Lemire left), I’m not buying the others, I think Animal Man and Swamp Thing meet up here then go there separate ways for their stories.

  3. getting tired of cross-overs.

    • these books have been intertwined and destined to cross over since the first issues. i think most folk have been reading both all along anyway

  4. Dropped this. After Foreman left it just wasn’t the same book. Amazing that out of 8 New 52 books I’m down to just one now.

    • I know what you mean, of the New 52 I’m down from 8 to 2. Don’t think I could drop though this though. I really like it. As I don’t really know the characters the stakes feel real. I know Lois Lane isn’t going to die, but with the Baker family I’d say anything goes

    • Yeah, out of the 7 or 8 DC books I started reading I’m down to this and Wonder Woman, and I’m tempted to ditch Wonder Woman. DC is really doing a bang up job. Lobdell and Liefeld fans must be have a great time, though.

    • I’m still enjoying the new 52. I keep hearing people tell how much of it they’ve dropped – well I for one am enjoying a lot of it. As well as a lot of Dark Horse, IDW, and Image books. (greedy Marvel can go to hell)

      But I did lose interest in 2 of the 3 books in this crossover, so it’s not all roses.

    • Funny – Wonder Woman is the only one I’m still reading. On Animal Man I really loved the Foreman issues but after that I felt the series started retreading the same (tired) ground. The reintroduction of some of the Morrison-era characters drove it home for me (see the tailors in last issue). Snyder and Lemire on Swamp Thing and Animal Man respectively, are really homaging their forebears. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but for whatever reason when it comes to DC and Vertigo I seek top-notch story/character/writing and originality. In this context Wonder Woman isn’t the only original work in the New 52 but it seems to be the only truly original work I find compelling on the writing/character/story front as well.

      Marvel strangely is totally different – for every Fantastic Four run I read I want a Galactus story, a Doom story, etc.).

      I have recently dramatically cut my pull list and for my money

    • Still got:
      Animal man
      swamp thing
      justice league

    • I’m also trimming up my pull list, but it’s mostly knocking out Marvel titles (although Demon Knights was axed and the books in this cross over are not safe).

    • @kmob181: I agree with you on the Wonder Woman stuff. It does seem like the only DC book that’s trying to do something interesting with the character. It’s just I didn’t really enjoy the last arc all that much, and the last issue didn’t do anything for me. I really have been enjoying it overall, but I’m just starting to lose interest in the overall story. I do hope that feeling changes, though.

    • I read exactly one Marvel title: Daredevil.

      I need to trim the fat, but man I really enjoy:

      • Batman- I dig Snyder’s writing, and Capullo’s art is perfect.
      • Swamp Thing
      • Animal Man — not as much as I used to, but I’ll ride out the crossover. I think maybe I just don’t like Lemire as much as I thought I should. Read Eternity and was like, meh.
      • Batwing — I know, I know….it’s not “cool” to like Batwing. But, damn they just “do” stuff with the plot. Things happen.
      • All Star Western — huge Hex fan, and issue #11 was freaking great.
      • Earth 2 – but Robinson seems to be very spotty in terms of quality, but this is compelling so far.
      • Blue Beetle – Yes! BB is hella fun. Great art, too.

      • The Massive
      • Planet of the Apes – all titles

      • Nightwing for now until it gets interesting again.
      • Batwoman …for christ’s sake that last 4 issues have been mediocre. Bring back the tone of the first 6 issues.

    • Foreman’s art is beautiful, so is Pugh’s IMHO.

      I like the *greedy marvel can go to hell*, I totally agree lol. Still many great superheroe stories in the new 52, my second favorite publisher after Image, nothing beats great creator owned books a la Saga & TWD.

      I’m cancelling 12 of my 15 DC books on my sub after august (switching to trades), keeping Animal Man, Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman.

  5. start this crossover already its about fucking time!!!!!!

    Looking forward to this though 🙂

  6. PRELUDE to Rotworld?! Haven’t the last six issues been a prelude? Does anyone here really need a recap of the last twelve issues? Barely anything has happened.

    I’m gonna read the crossover and then decide whether or not to stick with this.

  7. I remember being super psyched for this crossover like 6 months ago. Now I just want it to be over and done with before it even starts.

  8. I shall remain mildly optimistic with this cross-over & will be getting Swampy just to see if it is relevant. Have to say that I am enjoying this series it reminds more of when Jamie Delano took over, the Bakers being split apart & Buddy re-learning his powers, my only criticism is the pace is a little slow, & I have always loved Steve Pughs art no matter how many people put it down.

  9. Thought this issue was too slow, seemed like the talked about going into the portal the whole issue before finally making the jump. Swamp thing is the better book of the two now.

  10. I think I’m going to take the leap and drop both this and Swamp Thing. I loved both series for a while (Swamp Thing all the way up until he actually became Swampy, which should never be the case), but this story has just become too wacky. The Rot never feels like a threat, just some kind of looming presence that comes up in stilted conversations, and then bursts onto the page with explosions of pink goo. Snyder and Lemire are brilliant elsewhere, so I’m okay with stopping now.

    • Agreed – I am enjoying JL: Dark and American Vampire way more than these two books.

      Loved them both at first but this Rot thing has gone on way too long.

  11. Any guesses at to who the hero on horseback was?

  12. catch up issue aside – I still enjoyed reading this. Swamp Thing of course gets the edge as an enjoyable issue since they got the exposition out of the way in Animal Man. I feel you guys though that are bristling about these series. I was just starting to get a “Get on with it!” feeling too – and am exasperated that we have to wait through these stupid Zero issues before we get to continue the crossover.

    • Yes. The zero issues will probably be great, but October??? Come on, this is major cliffhanger territory we’re in now. Twelve issues of prep and NOW we have to pause for a line-wide stunt. Oh, the humanity.

  13. I’m down to just Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Batman, and I REALLY want all these books to GET ON WITH IT.

  14. my favorite book in the whole new 52 and in case you’re wondering I’m getting 22 of the new 52, 3 vertigo, 1 image and 1 marvel.

  15. I’ve been reading Swamp Thing and Animal Man out of a love of both characters, but have found both of them to be a chore since around issue six. That was when I realised that this was some kind of Never Ending Story. It’s the same with Snyder’s Bat Man(though that last issue had the best fight I’ve seen in comics for years).
    DC have made a cynical decision to drag these stories out in the hope that people will keep reading until they wrap it up-even if they’re bored senseless.
    More has happened in two issues of BatMan Incorporated than has happened in either of these two titles in a year.
    And is it just me, or does the whole ‘elemental’ thing sound more ridiculous everytime they mention it? It seems to replace actual cause and effect plot lines with a load of vague nonsense-good for a short three issue run, maybe.
    I’m not sure many stories could survive this marathon.

    • I have to agree with you on that I am bored senseless with Animal Man and Swamp Thing. I love Lemire and Snyder, but duuude, we haven’t gotten anywhere in a year.

  16. There is a lot of upset here. This is the first issue I have thought “what was the point?”. I’ve loved the first 11 issues, and just wish this issue had continued the story rather than explain the last 11 issues.

    Now that the annoying getting to know Animal Man is over, I expect next issue to be back on top form.

  17. Good jumping off point for me. I’ve only been reading Animal Man all this time and I was mildly interested in the long foreshadowed crossover a half a year ago. At this point I’ve completely lost interest in the crossover.

  18. I have been chewing over the issues raised here since Wednesday & there’s no need to repeat them.

    Simply put, excessively drawn out storytelling + unnecessary origin interruption = “jumping off point.”

    The Annual was the appropriate place for any new origin tale.

    Ironically, now is a great “jumping on point” for any folk who haven’t been reading Animal Man since #1.

    However, those who have done so are entitled to feel a little ripped off, over the past 3/4 months.

    As they say in poker, I’m out!

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