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  1. Didn’t issue 5 just come out?  Either way I’m ok with another issue

  2. I’m still buying this but I’m not liking it as much as Buffy. I really need to get the complete DVD set because I’ve missed a lot of episodes of Angel.

  3. I’m looking forward to this mainly because it won’t have Urru’s art!  John Byrne!!

  4. I can’t believe that this is out yet. It’s just been, what, two weeks? Anyway, I just hope that First Night is over quickly, not because I think that I won’t like it (c’mon, there’s John Byrne art in it; how cool is that!), but because I really, really want to know what happens NEXT. That last cliffhanger was…. challenging.

  5. Boy, they’ve got a fast turnover on this book! I agree with cylonpete, I’m excited by this short run, but I really wanna get back to the main story… Big things are afoot in L.A! I think I”m enjoying this just as much, if not more than Buffy right now.

  6. @s1lentslayer:  Get Angel season 5, its the best in my opinion.  Spike and Angel, some characters from past seasons coming out of nowhere, Adam Baldwin, puppets, and nazis.

  7. @nroa I totally forgot about the nazis…lol

  8. @nroa – Totally agree, season 5 was my favourite, and you need to add Illyria to that list. Amy Acker scared the shit out of me playing her!

  9. this book hasn’t been nearly as good as Buffy but i’ve enjoyed it thus far anyway… although this issue really kinda threw me for a loop.

    it’s part 1 of a two story arc where they tell what happened to the heroes pretty much directly after the last episode of the series but i think they could’ve made it less confusing. i had to reread some parts of the book and after reading it i got the gist of what happened but i just didn’t dig it.

    art was pretty weak too. 

  10. I could’ve done without it. Seriously, it’s a neat idea, but you don’t always need to see everything. I was kinda happy that they kept it to the imagination.

    That being said, the Lorne story was great! 

  11. What a disappointment this thing was.  The Spike story had me scratching my head.  The Conner story was ok.  The Lorne story was humorous, but NOT Byrne’s best work.  He TOTALLY called that one in.

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