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Sammy03/20/08NoRead Review


  1. Seriously, why is no one talking about this book? The last issue was fantastic!

  2. I like this book too, but I can’t remember what happenned last issue…

  3. @Superyan… The big fight for LA gang territory’s looming, and we learned a secret about Gunn…

  4. Did anyone else notice Jay and Silent Bob in this issue?

  5. @ s1lentslayer – ha!  I totally missed that the first time around!

    Otherwise, it was good read, great cliffhanger.  I’m looking forward to First Night for 2 reasons.  One, obviously we find out more about how things got here, but also we’ll see some different art.  I am not a fan of Urru’s style at all.  It really makes this book less enjoyable to read.

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