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  1. Yeah. I’m dropping this.

  2. On one hand I want to drop this. On the other I’ve invested so much in this series and Lynch is about to come back.

  3. I like the Angel with an actual Angel angle, but this book along with the Buffy book have been VERY weak as of late and are in danger of being dropped (Especially Buffy season 8… what happened with that thing?).  The BEST Buffy-verse book out now has been John Byrne’s Angel Blood and Trenches mini… that is AMAZING!!!!

  4. Buffy got bogged in that five part one-shot "arc." I enjoyed it for the most part, but I’m ready to get back into the fray (Ha. Buffy pun) and to the meat of the story. The next issue of Buffy should pick up the series again.

    This? Maybe. But recent cut backs cut this one almost first.

  5. Buffy has given me no inkling like it might get better again. It’s really sucking lately.  Do pick up the Angel Mini I mentioned earlier though… Byrne should be in charge of Angel full time!

  6. From the locks of solicitations issue 23 is the last issue of this "season" and then it’s taking a break for a couple of months. Honestly, I’m glad…it means I can just neglect to buy "Angel Vol. 2 #1" rather than dropping it mid-series.

  7. * I meant looks…not locks

  8. I seem to be the only person in the world who doesn’t want to burn this comic after reading it….but then maybe it’s because I’ve been waiting THAT long to see anything with Kate again….overall, the whole "Angel Vs. The Angels" story wasn’t that bad or confusing.

  9. Ugh. I had to stop reading halfway through. This just got lame real fast. Inconsistent art. (One indoor scene, turn the page and we’re outside during the same scene?) Boring dialogue, no investment in what is going on. If what ComicBookGuy37 is saying is true, I’ll stick it out for the Gunn issue coming up and then I’m quitting this title. I want to like this new status quo but egads… I couldn’t bring myself to finish the thing. 1/5.

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