Vampire hunter Felicia Book must make a horrible choice that will change her life and the world of vampires forever.

Be here for the concluding chapter that will have a huge impact on AMERICAN VAMPIRE!

Art and cover by SEAN MURPHY

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  1. Finally we get to see some GIANT vampires.

  2. This was pretty cool. I picked this up for the Sean Murphy art. Is the monthly series worth a look?

    • YES.

    • Sean Murphy might be my favorite artist working today and I’d read anything he does. That said when I heard he was doing an american vampire mini series I was extra psyched cuz the monthly is one of the best books being printed. Last issue was a jump on point. You should try it out.

  3. Definitely worth a look, although it would help to have some knowledge of the bigger AV world. I hope Murphy does something new soon, I have really enjoyed his work and will miss my monthly dose.

  4. This has been a perfect mini, kinda sad to see it go, but this particular story is coming to an end. definitely going to pick up the AV HCs soon and hope there will be more of these minis

  5. Looking forward to meeting Snyder @NYCC. Let’s see if he is as nice in person as he is during these interviews!

    • I’ve talked to him on Twitter a few times and he’s always been a good guy there. I’d hate to think he was a dick in the real world.

  6. Sean Murphy needs to draw more titles! The artwork in this book is amazing, and I loved him on Joe the Barbarian too. Scott Snyder is once again fantastic, giving us a very satisfying conclusion to a stellar spin-off series. I really hope that we follow up more with the ancient vampires again soon in American Vampire proper, because they are awesome.
    The finale with Cash was so great and such a bad-ass way to end. Great issue, great series, 5 stars all the way.

  7. It has been a mighty accomplishment for me to trade wait this so far. Hope they get that HC out sooner than later AND vol. 3.

  8. The motorcycle getaway had some of the best panels of the month!

  9. Sean Murphy needs to do Batman.

    • Scott, pull some strings. 🙂

    • Really cool idea, Capullo is amazing though. Still, I’d like to know what Murphy is working on next.

    • @AmirCat Haha, I clicked on this thread to suggest that very thing. I think Capullo’s pretty good on deadlines so I don’t think he’ll need a fill-in, but Murphy would be a more than welcome replacement.

      I think it’d also be interesting to see his work on something like The Flash.

    • As much as I love Sean Murphy’s art, I think Capullo’s doing a more than stellar job on the Batbook. No need to replace him imo.

      But another Snyder and Murphy book? YES PLEASE!!

  10. Man oh man. I saved this title to read complete. I m so glad I did. Snyder never disappoints. Felicia, & Cash need a on going series, or at least a mini every year. Murphy also rocks. Loved his work on Joe the Barbarian, and this title continues his impressive run. More American Vampire is needed.

  11. Snyder is my favorite writer at the moment, Murphy is becoming one of my favorite artists, and American Vampire is consistently one of the best titles on the shelves. This miniseries was a perfect storm of awesomeness. 5/5.

  12. Average rating of 4.9? all right, who is the guy that gave this a four? c’mon fess up.

  13. Holy crap did I not see this ending coming. Sure hope my store has the first trade. I need to know what happened. Perfect miniseries.

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