Vampire hunters Felicia Book and Cash McCogan escape the catacombs beneath the Nazi castle as things come crashing down around them.

They’ve escaped with the rumored vampire cure, but will it work?

Art and cover by SEAN MURPHY

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  1. wow! This is out too!

  2. Finally…a book I’m excited about that’s NOT a reboot… Long Live AV.

  3. So, we’ve had 3 issues of set-up in a 5 issue mini-series … and I am loving it! Between the pacing/characters/setting/artwork – this feels about as close as I wanna get to those old 1940’s movies, in comic form. Pure awesome from Snyder & Murphy.

  4. I wonder what’s going to happen with those massive vampire statues in that cave. The first three issues of this have been such a joy to read and to look at. Seriously that Sean Murphy art is simply beautiful!!

  5. Here’s to Snyder sticking with his own creations, even as his star rises at DC. I’d hate to see his originality go the way of Jason Aaron and Brian Wood, two amazing writers who are ending their Vertigo books to do “bigger” things. This is not to take away from those two guys, but comics needs people of their caliber to keep creating new characters and ideas.

  6. Hey Guys – Scott Snyder – I promise – PROMISE – that this issue is one of our best. It all comes to a bloody, explosive battle here – check it out and let us know what you think!

  7. I have enjoyed this series so far and I see no slowing here as we get to the finish. So Scott bring it on buddy!!!
    Great work so far….

    Just SaYIn’,


  8. Can’t wait to read this! I feel like this is a vampire version of Indiana Jones adventure, but more violently awesome.

  9. I can’t wait to see how this turns out! (Most likely it will be bad and bloody!)

  10. This was a great issue. I just wish I could have gotten more of a glimpse of the Giant Vampires. What a great idea! It’s like the theory that since there was more oxygen on earth thousands of years ago, animals were bigger!

  11. This book is great. It looks great. It sounds great. It smells great. And I’m sure it would taste great if I could stand to part with it.

    It’s great.


  12. Another great issue. POTW for me.

  13. Was loving this series and now it seems to become just meaningless garble for me. Hope the last issue can save this??

    Just sayin’,


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