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The Ghost War comes to a stunning conclusion!


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  1. Nice!

  2. I’m swtiching to Hardcovers after this issue (because I’ve decided this is a series I’m going to want to show off on a bookshelf), so while I’m excited to see the end of this arc, I’m a little bummed that it’ll be months before my next fix.

    • thats funny, cuz im switching to comic form from hardcover. i was a late comer to this series and my comic shops are sold out of the back issues with the exception of a few, so i got the hardcover. and i dont know if i can go longer than a month without my fix of this title

    • Yeah, it was a tough call. As much as I AM enjoying the series, I’d rather be able to show it off in my house and lend it out to friends in nice big chunks, rather than hiding it away all the singles in a box in a closet.

    • Aw, floppies rock 🙂

      Either way, appreciate the read, guys. All of us do on AV. And this coming issue is one we all couldn’t be prouder of. Let us know what you think. S

    • I was thinking of doing the same thing, but I will likely be a double-dipper.

    • Great finish to this arc. One door closes as another door opens. Now I’m seriously rethinking my decision to switch to hardcover. I’m not a double dipper, so it’ll be a game-time decision next month. One way or another though, I’m sticking with this book.

  3. QUESTION: Did this not come out today? I did not get this or Northlanders in my pull-box at the shop. 🙁

  4. *Possible Spoilers***

    Wow. I had to read it twice to believe it. That Pearl sure is something, following what has to be her and Skinners most tender moment, with stone-cold murder. This was the first arc I collected in FC, and I am stoked I switched it up. This book, art&story, is just RAD. I love the historical settings, the perfect pacing, and the amazing characters. The Indian Wars arc starts next and I can’t wait.

  5. Great stuff. Perfect ending to what has been a really phenomenal story arc. I wish I could track down the first 2 or 3 issues of this so I could read the beginnings of Skinner and Pearl’s relationship.

  6. anything snyder writes is gold. i wanna pick up his book voodoo heart just to see where this great talent arose from and try to understand the transition from novels to comics. i say(type) novel, but im not entirely sure thats what it is, i know its a collection of stories that, if im not mistaken, intertwine beautifully. i wonder, does he still teach at universities? does anyone know? i would definately sign up for that course if i lived in the northeast. can u imagine? i would also sign up for mazzucchelli’s class.

  7. Spoilers
    I was sadden by watching Skinner Sweet fall. I really hope this is not the end of one of my favorite villians. Great issue as always 4/5

  8. A helicopter? Really? In the middle of the Pacific? I’m pretty sure helicopters were barely used in WW II and almost not at all in the Pacific. It wasn’t until Vietnam, over 20 years later, that helicopters became common on the battlefield. That moment felt damn close to a dues ex machina and REALLY ruined the sense of reality of this story. Also the battle with Sweet was lame. I mean what was that kiss and those tears?!? Where did those feelings come from because they are not shown to develop anyway in this series that I remember. Pearl HATES Skinner. Its kind of the point of the series up until now. That kiss and lame ass admission of feelings for Skinner was an invalidation of the entire Pearl/Henry/Skinner relationship up until now. A poor poor end to a cool arc. Worst issue of the series so far.

    • as a matter of fact, the R-4 was the only allied helicopter to see service during WW2 and was used primarily in alaska for rescue missions in the rough terrain(we had bases there to repel attacks from the pacific like the one at pearl harbor) and as far as the relationship between pearl and skinner, i will say this: there is a thin line between love and hate, a lot of love stories begin with the two main characters hating one another and then falling head over heals in love. passion, in all of its forms, begets more passion.

    • I think Skinner should come back and him and Pearl will get together! Henry should die! I am sick of Henry! Pearl and Skinner were made for each other!

  9. True about love and hate, I just felt I didn’t see much if an indication that Pearl felt anything except hate. However, I’m sure Snyder has something interesting planned for that sudden turn. Perhaps Pearl gets tired of Henry? Maybe that is te start of Pearl wanting to indulge in her vampire urges. Maybe she either wants to turn Henry or start a relationship with a vampire??? I’m sure Snyder has something cool planned, it just seemed to come out of nowhere.

    So I guess we are agreed that the helicopter was somewhat of a dues ex machina?

    • in retrospect, i suppose it is a bit of a stretch. but, however unlikely it may be, it is in the realm of possibility(i think its important to note that we are talking about a vampire story, and that realism, perhaps, should not be in the forefront of our minds. Suspension of disbelief and all that jazz..) it by no means ruined the story for me, and to be quite honest, i was so caught up in the fact that pearl had just seemingly killed skinner and admitted what i had suspected for a while, that i didnt even pay it much heed. i applaud you on the use of the term “dues ex machina”. i have not heard it in quite some time.

  10. Haha, I’ve always loved that term! I guess also considering they are a secret organization they might have access to more cutting edge tech and therefore have helicopters deployed in the Pacific. It was a pretty good end and Skinner’s death was great, I guess I was looking for a little more intense of a fight and also I clearly was not a fan of the kiss.

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