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  1. finally.

  2. Did this come out in issues, or is this the first printing?

  3. Is this a OGN? Price is much too high for a 72 page collection but I suppose for a OGN…

  4. This was originally released through Dark Horse years ago as a 3 issue mini-series called "Chosen". It was also collected in a TPB through them as well. This is a re-collection of the same series through Image with a different title because as far as I have heard there is a sequel mini-series in the works (but with Millar who knows when that will be – I am still waiting for the next issue of War Heroes) and I believe this has also been optioned by Hollywood.

    This was GREAT by the way if you enjoy things like Preacher or other dark religious books.

  5. Heh, American Jesus?  Did the people releasing this even READ it?

    I did…CHOSEN is a title that makes sense.

  6. I’m on a Millar high lately with Fantastic Four, KickAss, and Wolverine…plus I actually liked Civil War and 1985.  So I’m picking this up, sight unseen.

  7. Yeah Mark Millar telling a Jesus story….that has the potential to go anywhere.

    Newsarama actually has the 1st issue up and it was pretty decent.

  8. This has really caught my interest plus its Mark Miller so…. I think i’ll check it out.

  9. I read this when it came out from Dark Horse and it was great. I’m picking this up so that all three (planned) volumes are gonna look real nice on my shelf. Also, this’ll be easier to lend out to others.

  10. "plus I actually liked Civil War"

    Alot of people did.  You just wouldn’t know it only listening to fanboys complaints. (Which is what they do best, a la Wolverine)

  11. Yeah, where the fuck is the next issue of War Heroes!? Last one ended with a big reveal and then NOTHING for months now.

  12. I just read the first issue of Chosen and I gotta say.. I don’t see why people are so uncomfortable about this. It seems more or less like a concept of "what if". It doesn’t sound sacreligous (<= mispelled) at all

  13. Ok so I read the whole thing… yeah… taking the ending into account it’s very disturbing, more specifically the 2nd last page. It’s a bloody shame the main character went on to describe his later years with his father in such detail. I can see Mark Millar trying to cross a line and he did I suppose. *cringe*. =|

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