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  1. I heard this was coming, and now, here, finally, I’ll have this in my grubby little hands before I die. I’ve never read it, but now have the chance. Just glad it happened before I died.

  2. i just might buy this also, i have the original issues but i keep getting distracted by easier to read comics, i found this a tough but rewarding read (chaykin at his best) so having it compiled as a collection will mean its easier to access…..RECOMMENDED!!

  3. I have the original issues but this will be nice.  Thank you DCBS for 50% off pre-order!



    I’ve been waiting for this since it was first anounced WHEN I WAS STILL IN LAW SCHOOL! FOUR YEARS AGO!!!!

    And really, I’d been waiting since even before that. I started buying the series in ’84. I bought it up until Chaykin left. I have the graphic novels (out of print since 1990) of the first three arcs. 

    Pick of the month material. One of the top influential books of the Nineties. You young’ns should take note and get it.

  5. I’ve heard great things about this book but never been able to find a single issue to read.  Could someone give me the elevator pitch on what this title is about?

  6. @Kimbo: Following "The Year of the Domino Effect" (1996) when the world went to hell, the US Govt. relocated to Mars and is now known as The Plex. It’s now 2031-2 and actor Ruben Flagg, famous for his role as Mark Thrust, Sexus Ranger, has been shitcanned from that job and has been drafted into the Plexus Rangers, the law enforcement division of The Plex.

    Follow the adventures of Ranger Flagg as he and a cast of dozens – including his would-be girlfriend (and daughter of hois boss) Mandy Kruegger, The mayor of Chicago, the (maybe) rightful King of England, and a talking cat – as he tried to bring justice and order to a dystopic, media-dominatedfuture America. Also: Anarchist biker gangs, American (and Jewish) Nazis, black market basketball, Friday Night Firefights Live!!! ™, and an out of control weather satellite-induced blizzard. Oh, and did I mention the talking cat?

    Groundbreaking graphic design. Hot babes with guns AND garter/stocking combinations. Action. Humor. Got get it.

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