• Spider-Man’s Globetrotting Adventure Against The Sinister Six Moves To The Middle East For A Face Off Against…The Sandman!

• In The Past, Spidey’s Fought Sandman On Beaches, In Quarries, But Never Like This – How Can Web-Head Hope To Defeat Sandman When He’s Controlling The Sahara Desert?!

• Special Guest Stars: Black Widow And Silver Sable.

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos & Victor Olazaba
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Cover by Stefano Caselli & Gabriele Dell'otto

Price: $3.99
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Andrew Gaboury04/19/12NoRead Review
Andrew Gaboury04/19/12NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I’m piling up all of EotE to read in one sitting.

    I enjoy the Spidey events more that way, it seems.

  2. Jesus, why does this have to come out the same week as AvX and Batman? My POTW is always so much work.

  3. Maybe it’s just me but reading the last issue of Spider-man I came realization that Slott needs to be an Avenger writer.

  4. @jonny – I here you!! I have a feeling this is going to be the second week where I am going to have a few comics fighting for the POW honor from my pull list.
    Slott has really been impressive enough for me to want to know his name as a writer and normally I do not care who artists and writers are unless they really make some sort of over all impression on me. So from me to Dan S. you really have a way of making Spiderman swing!! It has been a long time since I have been reading Spidey for more than one story arc however; here I am. Been here since the begining of Spider-Island and have been waiting for each issue with excitement.


    • You started from Spider-Island? Buddy you need to go a little further back because you’ve missed some pretty amazing stuff. I mean, you missed 24/7, issue 600, The Big Time, The Gauntlet/Kraven’s Hunt, Origin of the Species… SI was great, but that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

    • @jonny – Slott has been on this title for that long? If so, I will go to the back issue bins tomorrow and start digging; thanks man.


    • @jonny Also Joe Kelly’s Rhino story. 617 and 625, that was shakespeare.

    • 600 is one of my favorite Spidey stories ever.

    • @kingjoeg Absolutely! I consider that to be a part of the Gauntlet though. I actually shed a tear for what they did to Rhino in that.

  5. I got to talk to Dan Slott quite a bit at C2E2 this weekend, he is so excited about the stories coming out this year. Obviously he didn’t give away any spoilers but just by how excited he is for everyone to read Ends of the Earth and all of the 50th anniversary stuff got me even more excited.

  6. Man was last issue a blast to read! Really enjoying this arc so far, this is Slott at his best!

  7. one of the best comics out right now. spiderman is the best! Slott rocks!

  8. This is a lot of fun, I geeked out at the inclusion of a certain certain silver character. Slott writes a really funny Spidey, I love Mysterious too.

  9. Ok, I’m just gonna say it.

    THIS is Spider-Man. If you don’t like this book, maybe Spidey isn’t the character for you.


    • I don’t like this book. I love Spidey.

    • Damn. My flawless logic, foiled.

      Well played, Kilpatrick. You win… this time.

    • I gotta agree with Connor. I’m a Spider-man guy, I even like Slotts work as part of the Brian trust, but his solo-spidey is not my Spidey.

      Too obsessed with Marvel guest stars, and giving every character a sense of humour. While I think Slott writes whitty Spider-man lines, I don’t think he writes a very good Peter, and that’s probably more important to me, than globe trotting with the Avengers

    • I think Slott had some problems early on, but lately I think he’s been knocking it out of the park . I really enjoyed Spider-Island and Ends of the Earth has been pretty good so far. My one complaint would be what Zeppo mentioned in that there does seem to be a lot of “guest stars”, which really doesn’t need to happen since there is Avenging Spider-man, but for an event like this I’m okay with it….just hope we get some more solo Spidey stories soon.

    • @Zeppo + cubman: I can totally see that. I actually dropped off the book when it became “The Amazing FF, guest starring Spider-Man, I guess” last year.

      I may have been a bit hyperbolic with that first post, I’ll admit. But this, to me, is the Spider-Man I’ve always wanted. Using his brain as much as his brawn, avoiding the constant whining that has been his calling card in the past, but the personal drama is still simmering all over the place. It’s just fun, but I realize that it’s also not right for every person.

      tl;dr – Thwip.

    • Casey, I understand wanting to see a smart Spider-man, I liked when Sable complimented him and said he was undervalued, there are just some story telling problems that h old me back

    • Fair enough. One man’s Spider-Man is another man’s Spider-Ham.

    • I like how when one of the guys from iFanboy says something opposing you, you automatically go into kiss-ass mode.

      Now personally, I don’t think that someone has to “like” ASM for them to like Spider-Man, but Jesus man, grow some cojones and don’t flip sides so easily.

      @Zeppo, I’ve gotta agree with you on the part about giving everyone a sense of humor. He writes a great Spidey, but not everyone is known for spitting out witty commentary.

    • Sorry, Jonny.

      I really didn’t mean to disappoint you. In this internet forum. About comics books. I feel like I’ve learned a valuable lesson about standing by my ideals and not sacrificing what I believe in just to satiate the ever-present watchful eye of our overlords. If we don’t fight for every single point made in passing online, can we truly be called men?

      You’ve taught me a great deal here, Jonny. Not just about Spider-Man, not just about the internet, but… about myself.

      Thank, you, Jonny.

    • Congrats man. It warms my heart and brings a tear to my eye to see that I’ve made such a positive difference in your life.

  10. Nice to have Humberto Ramos back! I love this guys spiderman!

    And im not just saying that because was his 10k twitter follower and he was nice enough to send me an original piece of art from an amazing spidey comic! Class act all the way!

  11. I really like this arc. Exciting and fun read!

  12. Well finally got to read this issue last night after I got done running to the hospital since my daughter-in-law is due any second and we had another false alarm. So I get a call just now and they are rushing her again while I am at work and I will be waiting for the call when she goes into labor and then off I go. Sorry I know this reallly has nothing to do with this issue at all.
    The Sandman apprehention (soelling again) was well thought out and was so believable on how to trap him with the single granule of sand that is basically him. Cool!! The artwork and the stories from this title keep on coming and they are so good each issue, I gave this one a 4.5.


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