• Because you asked for it- SPIDER-MAN IN SPAAAACE!

• Trapped 22,300 miles above the Earth, Spidey has to rescue John Jameson from the ongoing machinations of Doctor Octopus!

• Plus: a guest star so special- and so secret- we can’t even tell you until next issue!

Story by Dan Slott, Chris Yost
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Klaus Janson
Colors by Frank D'Armata
Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Klaus Janson, Frank D'Armata

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Here’s hoping this book gets back on track. It’s felt a bit lost since Spider-Island finished.

  2. not to be mean,
    but who actually asked for this?

    not that i’m complaining, of course.

  3. Officially jumping on as of this issue. Never read amazing spider-man so why not? The ends of the earth thing looks pretty cool.

    • Pick up the point one that came out a week or two ago.
      Its supposed to be “the perfect jumping on point”.

      I liked it a bit. It’s 3 bucks.

    • Yeah I skimmed through it. It was okay. I already know all the basic stuff about the current situation with Spider-man so I think I’ll be alright. I might go back and pick up the spider island hardcover though. Heard it was good.

    • Pick up the last two issues before the point one. Those were an a-m-a-z-i-n-g two-parter! Spidey’s buddy creates a door that leads to the next day but when Peter Parker steps inside it, the apocalypse arrives and Spidey spends the whole day trying to figure out why he’s so needed and wants to prevent New York from being destroyed!

      It was really, really, really awesome! If you’re still reading this, just stop. Take 6$ in your jar of change and run to the nearest LCS!! Don’t think, just do it. Thank me later!

  4. Jumped on with spider island and the only issue I have not enjoyed was the crossover issue wae daredevil.

    Dan Slott has been very impressive and i hope ends of the earth is just as good if not better than spider island

  5. Huge fan of Slott’s fun on Spidey, can’t see this being anything other than awesome. The covers look awesome, Doc Ock is one of my favourite bad guys and the solicits have me champing at the bit to get going on this.

  6. When I read the tagline my mind switched to the Muppets Show-PIGS IN SPAAAAAAAACE. I kinda want to jump back on board but I think i’ll wait until they launch a new Spider series when the moive comes out (cause that’s what Marvel does of late). Not a fan of Dan Slott at all and wish they bring in Joe Kelly.

  7. I’ve been digging this.

    Looking forward to seeing some of the Sinister Six plot threads start to come together.

  8. Yeah as far as jumping on points go, this is another one of those issues for this title from what I am to understand. Yes the Spider Island arc was very fun and I dissagree and thought the cross over with DD was just fine. The Sinister Six are going to be bad ass!!
    @JimBilly4 – That was a good one, you caught that quick to I bet. As soon as I seen this cover I was thinking the same thing, Spidey really needs a little space since the begining of the Spider Island arc he has been busy as hell.
    TA Spidey is really knocking it out of the park every issue, I have not been this involved in Spidey in a long time.


  9. it’s a light week, so i’m happy to be picking up ASM once again!

  10. This is a great time to be reading ASM, and a good time to be jumping on, too.

    Recent back issues are usually available at a fair price, and the trades appear pretty regularly, so you can go back as far as you like and catch up on recent history. The trades are nicely packaged, too.

    I started issues at Infestation. In trades I went back to Big Time, but if I had the cash, I’d go all the way back to before The Gauntlet, way back to issue 600 or so.

    By the way, if you think the LCS price is a little steep, Marvel offers a pretty good discount on ASM if you subscribe.

    I think it comes out to around a buck thirty-nine an issue. In the mailbox, twice a month.

    At that price, it’s my new favorite comic book.

  11. I hope the special guest star is the Sentry, Marvel’s most popular character.

  12. my pick of the week

  13. I enjoyed this way more than I expected to! The back and forth between Spidey and Torch was hilarious, it really made the book. Brilliant.

  14. Am I the only person who thought that the art on this was really off? Janson or Camuncoli or whoever actually did pencils on this seem to have a really tenuous grasp on facial expressions. There were a lot of shocked people in this issue. A lot.

    • Nah, I agree with you totally. Facial expressions were the equivalent of going “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” a lot, which was a bit annoying.

  15. Hey really fun issue! I jumped on with the last ish and am glad I did. Looking forward to more.
    The Herschel’s farm reference was pretty funny

  16. Slott has always written Flash and Spider-man together very well, fun issue.

  17. Careful Daredevil, ASM is eyeing up that “Funnest Book in Comics” trophy…

  18. This was kinda fun with the Johnny Storm-Spidey comedy show however, the issue started out slow; really just kinda hum drum. Jemason has always aggravated me, just the site of him and the constant Spiderman bashing has hit an all time high for me. I wish he would get over it already, I realize not everyone is going to love our webhead however; this has got to be just, well; over done already! Later in the issue it really starts to pick up and we begin to have some fun, Octobots; first time seeing those things. Anyway the ending saved this issue this week; gave it a 3.


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