“Death Won’t Stop Me”

THE WRAITH stands unmasked and all of her secrets are revealed. What will this mean for SPIDER-MAN? And how will this effect the growing gang war in Chinatown? And if ANTI-VENOM wants to get his hands on MR. NEGATIVE, he’ll have to get past HAMMERHEAD and THE SPOT first! Of all the days for Aunt May to return to the F.E.A.S.T. Center…

Story by Dan Slott & Christos Gage
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Klaus Janson
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Frank Cho

Price: $3.99
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  1. Am I in the minority if I actually like Anti-Venom?

  2. @OnASunday

    I really liked his mini, but that’s my only exposure to him other than last issue, which did nothing to recapture the feeling

  3. I like him but I wish there was more of Brock out of the suit. Slott writes a really good Eddie

  4. Anti-Venom has a really cool suit other then that i dont know much

  5. @OnASunday: I am a fan of Anti-Venom as well, however, I didn’t enjoy the mini he was in too much but I do really like the character.

  6. I dropped this a few issues ago and will pick it back up when Spider Island starts. Am I miss anything related to the upcoming event?

  7. I’m game for this!

  8. @Funcrusher  Not really, in the last few issues random people across manhattan have developed spider powers and the jackal has been seen being super cryptic about all of it

  9. Also @funcrusher.. If you didn’t know about The loss of the spider-sense, well… Now you do! But also, more recently Madame web employed Shang-chi to train spidey for the up coming spider island. Not a HUGE deal, but I’m sure they’ll make mention of how Shang helps Peter discover the “way of the spider”

  10. What has happened to my favorite title?!?!?!?!

  11. Dropped- Dan Slott has ruined this title for me

  12. I’m going to keep sticking around for Spider Island, but if this doesn’t pick up…….

  13. @oopsxlandmine  @RoiVampire  Thanks! Looking foward to Spider Island.

  14. Thought this was a really good Spider-Man comic. Liked the way Slott’s weaving the supporting cast into the main plots, and the bit with Hobgoblin was a nice reminder that he’s still on the back burner there. Since Big Time started, ASMs really felt like a very old-school comic, in a good way. This could have come out in ’91 and wouldn’t have felt out of place on the racks. The concept of Spider-Island doesn’t really tug my interest, but I’ve got faith in this creative team to put out entertaining comics.

  15. I just read this issue this morning and loved it. For the first time, I enjoyed Anti-Venom. The art was great. I enjoyed the Wraith and Negative Man conclusions. I am definitely in for the continuation of Slott’s run.

  16. really enjoyable issue. Good stuff…killer art. 

  17. I’m ready for Spider-Man to get his spidey sense back, enough is enough.

  18. Anti-venom is awesome! The series has been up and down for me but hoping spider island keeps it going for me. Agreed @TexasZombie99! Let’s get moving with that spidey sense.

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