Following up on the shocking ending to February’s issue of FANTASTIC FOUR, SPIDER-MAN visits the FF for a very private wake – just for family.

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Marcos Martin, Ty Templeton, Nuno Plati & Stefano Caselli
Colors by Muntsa Vicente, Javier Rodriguez, Nuno Plati & Marte Gracia
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Marcos Martin

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.1%


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  1. That four looks like a “peeing Calvin” decal. Stop pissing on NYC, FF!

  2. Well that sure is an odd barcode placement.

  3. @Slockhart  that whole cover looks off

  4. Yeah the layout for that cover is a bit odd, isn’t it……looking forward to this, should be good!

  5. I would be happy with Amazing Spider-Man going back to monthly if it meant we could have Marcos Martin on every issue.

  6. @Impossibilly  He’s moving over to the Daredevil art team.

  7. This is going to be very good, I predict.  (Not a tough prediction, I know:)

  8. Couldn’t Spidey sit on the barcode? That is not the best composition of what is otherwise a really beautiful composition.

  9. Geez can we have one issue of ASM that isn’t depressing or moody?

  10. I love moody parker


  12. @TheNextChampion  Could be. Spider-Man and Human Torch mostly had funny interactions, especially in the Ditko days, which Slott unabashedly loves. We’ll see (in two days!).

  13. The infamous spoiler cover.

  14. @Andrew: I just thought it was funny how (except for the .1 issue) there have been 4 straight issues with either a focus on a death or Spider-Man acting depressed.

    If I was 6 years old, like I was getting into Spider-Man comics, I’d probably slit my wrists by now. 

  15. @TheNextChampion  a lot of bad stuff going on *around* spidey, but on the whole I’d say so far this year has been incredibly upbeat in ASM.

  16. @TheNextChampion  –6 yr olds don’t take comics as seriously as 20-40 yr olds. 

  17. yay!! more caselli!!

  18. Is this the last of Martin on the book? He will be missed.

  19. I’m really enjoying Slott on this title.

    He’s going new places, and I like his passion for the character.

    He was great fun on the Don’t Miss podcast a few weeks back as well.

  20. I don’t read this title but I kind of want to pick this up. Love Martin’s artwork and also just have the feeling that this is going to be exceptionally good.

  21. @Wally – HAHAHAHAAH!  The melodrama in this thread, whew!

  22. Wait, so is this essentially what happens before the beginning of Future Foundation #1?

  23. @suffkillz  basically yeah, or it could be right after, who knows. all we know is its about spidey dealing with johnny being gone

  24. @suffkillz – Yes, this takes places before FF#1. Pete’s already on the team in FF. Here he isn’t quite yet.

    Great issue. For as touching as it was, it was also a lot of fun. The 3 flashback stories all embodied Johnny Storm in that they were light-hearted and fun. Good stuff.

    After reading this, I find myself a lot more invested in FF, & Pete being on the team. Recommended for FF fans if they’re not reading ASM.

  25. Wish this would have come out before FF 1, not a fan of spidey being on FF but this makes it seem much more natural.
    Other than Marcos, the art was very average.  

  26. i’ll take caselli on spidey over any other artist out there.

  27. wow. great issue. i usually don’t go for the memory lane montage type things, but this just worked. Loved all the Spidey/Johnny hijinks especially the camping one. 

    so the last panel… does that mean something? Cause you could kinda sorta read into that…..

    this shoulda been a .1 to bridge FF and ASM 

  28. I’m all verklempt … great issue …

  29. @wallythegreenmonster  it was a reference to the earlier pranks where they both kept saying “gotcha” to each other

  30. @RoiVampire –well i got that on the top level….but i’m just saying that one could very easily read into it especially since we live in a comics world where no hero stays dead for very long. 

  31. @wallythegreenmonster  yeah, but it’s Slott and that’s not really his style

  32. @RoiVampire  –hmm interesting point. I don’t know his work well enough to say. Well it will be interesting how they handle Johnny’s return nonetheless. 

  33. Loved this, absolutely loved it.

  34. So are Spider-Man and Sentry going to be bunkmates? 

  35. It’s the dawning of a new age for me, I’ve never not bought Spider-man but I think I have to jump off until a new writer takes over.  Slott hasn’t been wow-ing me to this point and I thought this issue was terrible.

  36. “Kraven panties…?” I have now seen everything.

  37. Very nice, very fun issue.

  38. Finally got around to reading this today, loved it!  Easily my POTW.

  39. Slott and Caselli, is a great combo on ASM to bad it isn’t back on a monthly schedule yet. 10 EURO a month is way to much for one series (I have to make sacrifices some place else, which I’m not gonna do). So I know I’m missing out ARRGHH. 

  40. This book was great. The ending was admittedly a little bit smarmy, but that’s okay in this instance. It’s called for.

  41. Nice way to lend gravity to the latest in the revolving door of Marvel deaths. We all know Johnny Storm will be back within a year or two, but it would be nice to at least buy into the illusion with a period of reflection. And reflect Spidey does, with a series of nicely done FF/Torch-centric stories. Once I turned off my cynicism, I enjoyed this issue quite a bit.

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