“Self-Inflicted Wounds”

One of the most pivotal moments of the SPIDER-MAN “BIG TIME” era happens here. Other comics promise you their issues will “Change Everything” or that “Nothing Will Ever Be The Same.” No carnival barker-like pitch this time. Just the plain, simple truth: This issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN will have repercussions for Peter Parker and this title’s cast for years and years to come.

Guest-starring THE NEW AVENGERS.

Also in this issue: We finally reveal what has become of the alien symbiote. And a dramatic change to Spider-Man’s powers.

Do NOT miss this issue!

Story by Dan Slott and Fred Van Lente
Art by Stefano Caselli
Colors by Marte Gracia
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Stefano Caselli

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.3%
Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Hmmm.  I wonder if Dan would do the unthinkable and kill off JJJ

  2. I’d say that is a non-starter. JJJ is possibly the most fundamental supporting cast member outside of Aunt Mae. But he might make it look like he died for a couple of months. Hopefully Slott has a more creative idea than a fake death, which has been done and done and Done.

  3. sweet, Caselli again.

  4. Perhaps Aunt May will bite it… again. (I felt like they were hinting at it 652)

  5. This cover rocks. It exudes fun. 

  6. Like Caselli on art…Big Time…

  7. whats the schedule on this? seems really inconsistent. weekly or monthly? I just got 653 last week…..

  8. bimonthly i think..

  9. so why two weeks in a row? There hasn’t been a consistent schedule yet seems like .

  10. I REALLY MISS GETTING THIS IN ISSUES!,  but I keep telling myself I’ve got to stick to my decision to wait for collected editions on this title…
    …You all should try to convince me to pick up an issue and see if I’ll budge. (i’m thinking I probably will.  I just want a small, tiny taste of the fun that is AMS!)  I haven’t read any AMS since Grim Hunt!, which admitedly left me with a bad taste, but I have a feeling I’ve been missing out since then.

  11. @wallythegreenmonster

    The first arc of Big Time suffered delays. The speeding up shipping is to try and get the book back on track. I think if you include the pont 1 issue, Spider-man is weekly in Febuary.

  12. @Zeppo  —that makes sense. I was really thrown off on that. Weekly is cool but also a giant pain in the butt from a financial perspective. 

  13. Damn I love that cover

  14. I think it’s fairly obvious that if someone is going to die, it’s going to be Jameson Sr.

  15. It’d be so lame and damaging to May’s character to have her do the “widow” thing again. We’ve been down that road to often. I mean, Ben, Nathan, now Jameson Sr. How many times can Peter let Aunt May down?

  16. This was the best issue of this arc, bar none; didn’t see the death coming, but it worked perfectly for the story.

  17. I liked issue one, was indifferent to last issue, but this one ended well.

    I’m interested to see what will happen after the end, but I’m sure this “change” to Spider-man’s powers will go the way of his “Other” up-grade.  I liked the Venom back-up, but wish he had developed more naturally from the story.

    Looking forward to the return of Marcos Martin next issue.

  18. Dang, did not see that ending coming at all.  And it was rendered perfectly.

  19. Loved this issue, was caught off guard by the death at the end, but it was handled very well.

  20. I love how Slott keeps referencing issues way back. Makes me feel like continuity means something again.

  21. i wonder what kind of changes we’re going to see in spidey’s arsenal. Will he implement a spider-sense into his suit? Will it just come back super-charged? WHO KNOWS! I’m super excited!

    … just wish Caselli would stay with us!!

  22. This and last issue felt really text heavy to me. Still not loving it. The “10 minute” departure to do science just felt off and nothing something Peter would do. 

  23. I really like the “old man is totally writing this” vibe of the whole thing and it has no problem getting emotional when needed. Also, yes, I totally avoided spoilers for the Venom thing and it was totally who I wanted it to be.


  24. Spider-Man Inc.

  25. Very good issue. The death definitely surprised me, as did the sobering moment of self-realization for JJJ.

    That was not, however, the moment that I gasped audibly in this issue. No, that came with the reveal that Spidey’d lost his Spider-sense. For some reason I had a super visceral reation to this, the stories it can lead to and the concept that risky moves in battle can have lasting consequences. Well done, Slott.

  26. Just waiting for the annoucement that Nick Spencer is taking over this…kinding…mostly

  27. What a great issue! Loved the art and the story was better paced than last issue. The back up story leading into Venom was very helpful for me as i don’t know much about Flash thompson.

  28. Did he lose his spider-sense permanently then?  I got the vibe that the device was only going to have a temporary effect but if it’s permanent then things could get a little more interesting.

  29. @Malecema  i’m guessing it will only last a few issues which is why he could need that armor they showed us awhile back

  30. Another great issue.  Both art and story were great.  Big time is turning out to be my favorite Spider-man story in years.  I could have done without the Venom back up.  I just dont care for that Character no matter who is in the suit.  The ending was a great shocker, and i’m looking forward to seeing how JJJ is going to handle it.

  31. @PraxJarvin  it was totally something Peter would do.  One of the things that has been so refreshing about Big Time is readdressing Peter’s inherent talent at science, and his being able to apply it for both his personal life and his life as Spidey.

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