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Special POINT ONE issue.

START READING with this Point One issue to learn the new meaning for great power and great responsibility! Witness the birth of a new Spider-Man in the start of a brand-new story arc! Bonded to the dangerous and powerful Venom symbiote, this new webslinger is showing Peter Parker up in the hero department! Plus, who will Spider-Man turn to in his darkest hour? Believe us, it’s not who you think!

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos & Carlos Cuevas
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Paulo Siquiera

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I wasn’t gonna pick this up, but I am interested in Remender’s new series so I will give in, Marvel. You have trained me to buy 3 Spider-man issues a month anyway, I guess.

  2. I’ll get this because I already get ASM.  I dunno what these .1 issues are supposed to be for though.  Just highlighting some jumping on points?

  3. I get the feeling this is going to be in my hold, hopefully it’ll be good.

  4. I liked the back-up in the last issue, and I lke Ramos so this is worth a try. Not sure yet about the ongoing though. Would prefer this was written by remender to better gauge what the series will be like.

  5. @r3v  They’re basically just one shots which set up the story arcs which follow, at least that’s what I got from the Wolverine point one. Just treat it like you’re getting an extra issue some months.

  6. I hate Ramos’ art and the whole Venom storyline sounds like another bad retread. I hope this issue proves me wrong.

  7. @thechangingman

    the Venom as a gov. agent to me sounds like Haunt by Image. Which is just ironic really.

  8. Is the cover a little misleading since Venom’s not the tongue wagglin’ brute anymore?

  9. @Firebreather:  Marvel has issued some sort of decree that their covers can no longer in any way depict anything that remotely resembles what’s inside the cover.  

  10. The big Venom does make an appearance. Not with Spider-man though, who is strangely absent from a book that’s meant to be introducing him to new readers.

  11. I agree with Zeppo. Shouldn’t this have been like Venom 0.1 or something?

  12. @RKB definately should’ve been venom #0.1 or #0.

    i’m kinda interested in the new venom series.  however, i’m new to comics, so….what the fuck do i know, right?

  13. I hope Venom sticks to the .1 issues or his own series.

  14. I know there are tons of hate for Venom these days but I love him. I enjoyed this issue completely and can not wait to see Remender’s hand in the Venom series. Also, the last two panels giving a future of what is to come was mouthwatering.

    Go Spidey and Venom!

    I will agree though, the Wolverine .1 and Amazing Spider-man .1 do not help readers get into the series at all. The Iron Man one did its part well though.

  15. Yeah, so… with two Point 1s in the bag, I’m not entirely sure what the point is. This would have been a great ASM 655 or Venom Zero issue. Iron Man was a great character primer, but… not anything that felt it needed to not be part of the book. This one at least a great doorway to the new Venom book, but aside from a brief scene in the middle this has nothing to do with Peter! Again, this was pretty good. But… I don’t get the point of the .1s. 4/5

  16. Felt too cartoony. Was also expecting more of Spidey himself. Not what I thought it would be.

  17. I get why everyone thinks this should be a Venom #0 issue but I think it works well as a ASM issue. Slott and Ramos were the creative team on the issue. I’m sure that Remenders Venom book will have a different fill to it. As someone who doesn’t has read ASM for a long, long time, this makes me want to jump right in.

  18. Am i the only one that read the last two pages? so many awesome teases for spidey i can’t even remember them all but i’m pretty sure mary jane is gonna get wall crawling powers! how is no one else mentioning this?

  19. To agree with almost everyone else – yes, this wasn’t really a .1

    But I certainly enjoyed it and it actually has me excited for not only Venom but the future of Spider-Man because,

    @RoiVampire  I agree, the last two pages were extremely awesome!

  20. @RoiVampire  The last two pages did what Iron Man’s .1 tried to do and failed miserably at. Mostly by explaining what the unconnected and oblique images mean. What a concept!

  21. yeah, not bad. I certainly won’t be reading any other issue so the Point One marketing device failed in getting the e-man

  22. @Roi Because I glossed over them because thwey should have been the impetus of the issue. Get me hooked in the ongoing arc. Not just teases of what may come (Which, though not entirely new, has been the hallmark of DC for the past few years now.)

  23. The teaser panels made me very interested in where things are going. Is it just me or does it look like that the mystery guest in Lab 6 at Horizon Lab is Doc Ock and the sinister six hideout. With Ock using Horizon Lab satellites for some sinister plan in ASM #653, It seems likely and with Spidey joining the Future Foundation soon having Ock sponsored by Max Modell and Horizon Labs would be a good reason for him to leave his new job at Horizon Labs.

    Side note: Does the White future foundation Spidey look odd to anyone else. sort of a antivenom vibe. ‘Course the teasers in the back look like Mr.Negative is killing antivenom off soon. Good Riddance.

  24. Wow what a great Spider Man story, and if I’m a new reader interested in reading Spider Man this sure would make me more exited!  His name was on the cover, we got to hear a couple people talk about him, and he even showed up on one of the pages!  What a well thought out idea…

  25. The Amazing Venom-Man! Seriously though, a bit of a bait and switch. Still really good, but nothing to do with Spiderman. 

  26. I could be wrong, but that cover to #658 looks like a Djurdjevic or Del’Otto cover, think it looks sweet! The Sinister Six stuff feels like a retread to me, but hope Caselli will be back on board for that at least.

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