You wanted him, you got him! And he’s ready to hit the BIG TIME too…with a whole new bag of tricks! Who’s under the mask this time? Is it Roderick Kingsley, Jason Macendale, or somebody else? Ready for another long, unfolding mystery with months of clues, red herrings, and shocking twists? Well tough! We’re showing you who he is in THIS ISSUE!

Plus: What’s wrong with Mac Gargan? More trouble for Norah Winters. And Peter Parker makes good on a promise that goes back to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1!

Guest-starring the BLACK CAT!


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  1. Big time!

  2. Last issue was the first time I vaguely enjoyed an issue of Amazing Spider-Man in a LONG time. 

  3. I was really worried that this series would lose steam after Brand New Day wrapped up (I was also worried that the old status quo would return and I’d have to drop the book rather than deal with Mary Jane being married to Parker again) but BIG TIME has really surprised me! The first issue actually picked up steam and really became it’s own thing. I’m eagerly looking forward to this new era.

    And maybe those people who complained about BND without ever reading it will stop complaining.

  4. The last issue was too good to not pick up this issue.

  5. I love this book.

    Its just a shame that people were expecting it to some how disappoint, without actually reading the damn thing.

    If you think about it, Dan Slott is a great writer and the artists slated to do this are reliable, and despite Joe Q’s flapping over various issues at Marvel, do you really think after all this effort he would go back to the old staus quo? Esspecially when it has easily been the strongest book in their line in recent times.

  6. I really wanna like this new run but last issue wasn’t doing it for me!

  7. As I go through my massive pull list for this week, pruning titles with a vengence in an effort to afford food this month… dammit, you impressed me too much last ish not to pick up the next, ASM! Damn your excellent sequential storytelling!

  8. I liked last issue, I’m hoping one writer equals more consistancy, with the amount of interesting subplots set up I’m hoping they all pay off.

  9. Last issue was excellent and things are only picking up from here.

  10. the last issue blew my mind, it was one of the best ASM issues since shed.  Love the art, love the story telling and I love where it is going and can I just say, thank god peter has a job! We’ll see how long it lasts but it has huge potential.  Very excited for this issue, will pick up, despite visiting in-laws.

  11. as long as Humberto Ramos and Hobgoblin are in this book, i will buy it. Imma do it. BIG TIME!

  12. I loved the last issue. most people are always down on ramos but he is consistent and does action very well. he really sold me last issue and now im on!

  13. Last issue had a lot of set up and character introduction. So much so I felt the middle really dragged. But the ending and new status quo was excellent and clearly Slott has laid out plenty of toys to play with. I am not the biggest Ramos fan, but I am ready for some good stuff. Let’s do this.

  14. I’m giving Big Time another shot but I wasn’t exactly moved by the first installment.  I might just end up switching over to the trades, if I don’t drop it all the way.  Let’s hope that this issue is a lot more interesting.

  15. I am excited about the direction of this story

  16. Leave it to the man who pitted Spidey against Powdered Toast Man to make this title one of my top 5 in one issue. I hope this issue lives up to my expectations.

  17. Can I just say that this year I’m thankful for the Hobgoblin and Dan Slott. Oh and Humberto Ramos.

  18. Is there a backup, or is it 40 pages of Slott and Ramos?

  19. @cutty I seem to remember Dan Slott saying something about the first few issues of Big Time being, well, big time!

  20. The last issue was pretty good; I wasn’t blown away but enjoyed it enough. I’ll pick up a second issue to decide whether I need to follow the trades or not.

  21. I liked it, the Phil Urich story ties into the Losers mini-series from a few years back. I don’t know if that was intentional.

  22. POTW. Loved the Hobgoblin swerve, as well as the fact that even when Peter’s successful he’s still our lovable loser.

  23. I’ve always liked Phil Urich from his run in that Green Goblin series. It was a ton of fun, or at least I remember it being that way.

  24. @Ottoboyy yeah me too, but i’m not sure how i feel about him murdering people when the last time i saw him he was a hero. also didn’t the goblin scream come out of the mask and not phil himself? this was still a good issue but those two things better be explained. you can’t just choose to make someone a killer for no reason

  25. Dan Slott is pretty huge on continuity so I’m sure he will explain that.


    Anyway, I liked this a lot! I am still sad to see Brand New Day be gone but this is probably the next best thing!

  26. Very very good.  My 2nd favorite comic this week after Locke & Key

  27. "He did it, Ben".


    Aww yeah.  

  28. @RoiVampire – Not that it was a hugebook or anything, buta few years ago Phil was in a mini called "The Loners," starring the super hero support group introduced in Runaways Vol. 2. Through that series, Phil realized that the Goblin formula was still in his system, slowly making him obsessive and delusional, until he finally loses it and attacks his friends. They take him down and he fades into the shadows, still a nutjob.

    When Phil first showed up last issue, I was actually worried that they’d ignore that series, but it looks like Slott’s picking up where C.B. Cebulski left off in Loners. And I couldn’t be happier! 


  29. @Casey – yeah, one thing you don’t have to worry about with Dan Slott is continuity errors.  He’s got a great respect for Marvel history and while I think his dialog can get pretty corny sometimes, characters will always ring true.

    @betaray – that was a great touch

  30. @Casey  ok that makes way more sense now. could he do the sonic scream without the mask in the loners book?

  31. Really refreshing to see Peter meeting success as a scientist and in his private life, so used to seeing him trudge along as far as his living conditions and as a photographer at the Bugle, and like others are saying, seeing that little moment of triumph with Aunt May was just great and heartfelt.

  32. I never heard how the Loners left him (dropped that after one issue), but that’s a shame they took one of the few genuinely pleasant (ex) super heroes left and gave him gritty baggage. I haven’t read this yet (still waiting on the shipment) but yeah, kind of disappointed Phil can’t be left a nice supporting cast member. Oh well. 

  33. @CaseyJustice  what happened to Hollow? at the end of Loners, Hollow was with Phil.

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