A five part spider-odyssey begins in ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES!

With Peter Parker’s ONE MOMENT IN TIME behind him and Mary Jane back in his life, Spidey finds himself ready for a new start…but the various threads of his life since his BRAND NEW DAY are about to crash together violently. When Norman Osborn’s baby is born… every villain on the planet wants the first ever strain of pure Goblin blood, leaving Spider-Man’s friends and family exposed to a Sinister plan that threatens to bring down every strand or Peter’s life that’s been stitched together carefully over the past few years. It may be a cliche to say it–but after ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES absolutely nothing will be the same. Also this issue, we begin a series of covers by the brilliant Marko Djurdjevic that when all put together will form a giant wall-sized Spider poster featuring the people in Spider-Man’s life!

Plus–the Spidey Sunday feature continues breaking the 4th wall of Web-swinging Wonder by legends Stan Lee and Marcos Martin (well, Stan’s a legend–Marcos is just a man who draws like one.)


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  1. WhaaaaAAAAAaaat?

  2. I am going on record and saying this is going to be bad.  Not OMD/BND level bad.  Just normal bad.

  3. Pure(?) Goblin blood. How do they figure that? A baby is "pure" if both its parents are full-blooded goblin. Doesn’t that make the parents "pure" as well? I suppose the difference is how it develops with Golbin serum in its veins. The baby is pure because it never knew non-goblin times. This whole topic is uncomfortably eugenic so I weill stop now.

  4. I think this actually sounds pretty good, it can’t be worse than OMIT……or can it?

  5. No it can’t be worse than OMIT.

  6. This story has some of the absoulte BEST Cover Art in the history of Amazing Spider-Man mixed with some of the worst interior art in the history of ASM.  Weird and sad how that worked out.  (I’ve read them all) 

    This creative team was the low point of the last decades worth of ASM.  Mostly due to the art.  Not looking forward ot this.  Expectations are low, so I could be delighted at some point.  We’ll see and I hope for the best.

    And for the "official" record, OMIT has yet to turn in 1 bad issue.  ;);)

  7. about the two spidey issues this week i might be looking into this abit much but there is also the new spider-man video game is also out this week.

  8. excited as hell for this!

  9. This is gonna be a fun ride.

  10. Morbius on the cover? Yes please. Two scoops of Spidey this week.

  11. I am hoping this new story arc will take the fowl taste of the one out my moth

  12. I wonder if this’ll be any good.

     I’m sad that BND is ending; call me crazy but I’m not really stoked about the switch from three $2.99 books a month to two $3.99 books a month. I’ll also really miss all of the great rotating artists (Azaceta included – he’s a tremendous talent).

    Still, Caselli, Martin and Ramos on rotating art chores should be great, and I enjoyed the New Ways to Die arc, so more Slott shouldn’t be a bad thing either. It’ll be interesting how this ends up and restarts in November.

  13. I hope this arc is good enough to wash away the awefulness that was/is OMIT. Then again, if we’re back to Peter & MJ together not married because marriage without kids is pointless (anyone else offended by that, Joe Q?) I may just be dropping ASM.

  14. @Kickass

    You are correct, there were two terrible issues and one okay issue in OMIT thus far 🙂


    I wasn’t as much offended by that as it just doesn’t seem to make much sense….

  15. I just like the statement, "every villian on the planet.."  After OMIT, I need more violence.

  16. I jumped back on since I missed the first couple issues of OMiT. Did omit acutally clear up the whole BND mess?

    I am unsure I will  pick up the rest of this story. I find myself wishing someone would kill Peter after reading htis book.

  17. Loved this, it really cleansed the pallet of OMIT.  Waid gave us character moments followed by great classic villain action and suspense.  And, while Azaceta doesn’t always get face shots perfect, I love his sense of the city and the general atmosphere.  A return to form.

  18. anyone notice that peter looks like fat spider man in a couple of panels?

  19. Uh-oh – did Joe Q lay out another new mandate? Non-married common law married life has made Spidey a little soft around the belt line?

  20. I like azaceta’s line work, but it just doesn’t do anything for me in a spidey book

  21. @Evangelion11 I thought Peter was looking very Latino too.

    After this issue . . . wondering if Doc Oct can perform circumcisions too . . . 

  22. two great issues of Spider-Man in one week…very cool!

    After Origin wraps up I want these covers on a poster much like that 10′ Thor poster they put out some time ago, which I STILL need to figure out how to put up on my wall!

  23. This was awesome!

  24. This was so good I actually didn’t mind how bad OMIT was

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