The Grim Hunt continues as many Spider-powered characters find themselves prey of the Kraven Family! Guest starring Kaine, Spider-Woman, Ara

WRITER: Joe Kelly, J.M. Dematteis & Stan Lee
PENCILS: Michael Lark, Emma Rios, Max Fiumara & Marcos Martin
COVER BY: Mike Fyles

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I used to think I wanted Dan Slott on this book full time, now it’s Joe Kelly. His stories have such a range, from the silly gangster stories to the emotional, the to terrifying.

    Last issues was the first time in a long time I’ve seen Peter behave like the Spider-man from my childhood, when he stood up the Kaine and gave the emotional speech about guilt vs. responsbility it was like going back in time. This is the Spider-man I want to see more often. The speech obviously had an effect of Kaine as well.

    Get me a Spider-man book written by Kelly and penciled by Fiumara and I will happily hand of $4.

  2. This grim hunt has been one of the few titles I happily shell out 3.00 (after my lcs discount) for 3 weeks a month. Such a bang for my buck!

  3. How long is this arc supposed to run for?

  4. @Ruo21

    This one, then one more. I think.

  5. I’m trying not to think about how long this is going to last because it’s been so good for the last few months that you know it has to come down sooner or later, and I’m just enjoying it while I can.

  6. OMIT starts in 638.

  7. Man after this we got origin of a species later and it sounds cool.


    This story and shed have been my 2 favorite arc this whole year. And the Rhino story. Bravo Kelly and Co.

  8. @Malecema and mrwilson I see this book continuing to kick ass for the forseeable future. Has anyone else heard rumors of this switching to one writer bi-monthly? I saw a question on brevoorts formspring and the asker mentioned the saw it on bleedingcool but I couldn’t find anything.

  9. Ok answered my own question

    I would be ok with this but would miss Kelly on the book

  10. So even money it was pinochio on the alter getting stab and not Peter

  11. @cyberauron

    I don’t even think there’s a bet to be had. If Peter died on the alter I would be very surprised.

  12. @Zeppo yeah it’s not Peter but if it was the old switch it’s a flashback issue or if it was tha its mystic spider resurrection than

  13. Its pretty obvious it wasn’t peter last issue but I still enjoyed it a great deal and I can’t wait for this issue. 

  14. Please just do Kelly and have a rotating artist table like they have with max, bachalo, lark, and i really like this Chechetto guy as well. and Wouldnt it just be sick to have Olivier Coipel do some Spidey? That Grim Hunt Variant by him is sick.

  15. This issue didn’t do it for me. I think most of us figured out how Peter escaped death this time, but they dragged out the "mystery" for most of the issue.

    Some nice stuff with Kraven though, and the ending has me excited for next issue.

  16. Joe Kelly delivers another top notch issue,,,This and Batman and Robin are my top favorites this week.

  17. Yeah I loved this again! Asm is soooo good right now! And those pages by Marcos? Wow!

  18. I think the only thing that bothers me about this arc so far is the fact that the Kravens couldn’t tell the difference between Kaine (who has always been much larger than Peter) and the real Spider-man.  I’m going to assume Kaine’s degeneration has really kicked in recently and the whole being hunted thing cause him to drop some pounds…..that plus the haircut should explain the whole thing…right?

    Other that that though, I’ve realy enjoyed this arc and I’m looking forward to the conclusion!

  19. Since Kaine is Peter’s clone and looks just like him and all that good stuff, do the Kravens remember that Peter is Spider-Man now? I thought once people saw him unmasked they would remember that Peter unmasked himself during Civil War. Am I mistaken?

  20. @AquaPimp82  He has to voluntarily remove his mask i think. i remember him telling Reed that even if someone puts it all together with photos and detective work and has the whole thing staring them in the face their brain won’t let them figure it out. Who knows what kind of x-factor a clone brings into the mix

  21. The last 2 issues were my potw two weeks in a row, I’m not sure what went wrong with this issue, it just didn’t work.

  22. As a run-of-the-mill non-event comic storyline this is okay. As a bannered event that’s been dragged out for months, designed as the sequel to Kraven’s Last Hunt, it’s pretty simplistic and poorly plotted out. The final pages w/Peter digging out of the ground (how did he get buried in the first place?!) was a cheap and poorly done call back to one of the more dramatic movements of the original storyline. Overall this has been a bit of a let down.

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