The new brutal, reptilian reality threatens to take down Peter Parker and the very man who set these violent wheels in motion. The Lizard as you know him is gone…in its place something even more dangerous. The “Grim Hunt” can now begin…

WRITER: Zeb Wells
PENCILS: Chris Bachalo & Emma Rios
COVER BY: Chris Bachalo

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Is Bachalo doing pencils for the entire issue this time?  Really irks me when the artist changes midway into the comic, especially when the art is in stark contrast to the original artist work…especially when Bachalo is so unique.

  2. Doesn’t look like it – Emma Rios’ name is on the cover (and I think that online preview).

  3. Interesting that so many fewer people are puling this one compared to 634.

  4. Marketing/hype works.

  5. @ScorpionMasada: I’ve heard and seen no more marketing for the "Shed" arc than the "Prey" arc, and I get all the press releases.

  6. @Conor – I initially thought that Part 3 was end of the arc. That might be what most people are thinking.

  7. Don’t know anything about Prey, but 634 begins the Grim Hunt, which as far as I know is the culmination of the whole Gauntlet storyline.

    I know I was also given a free zero issue for the Grim Hunt story a couple weeks ago.

    And when I said marketing and hype I didn’t mean it in the negative sense.

  8. @ScorpionMasada; I didn’t think you meant it negatively.

  9. @TexasZombie99 i tend to agree with you, especially since Bachalo hasnt exactly been churning out new work very frequently.

  10. I just guess a lot of people don’t like Bachalos artwork. Especially compared to Lark.

  11. The first issue of this arc was a POW for me, but its really gone downhill ever since.  WAY too much Lizard-speak (monkey brain, we get it) and his new "power" is a reach. 

  12. Put me down for liking the Lizard-speak. I feel the Lizard has much more of a "voice" than previous incarnations. I have also loved this arc all along. I wish it was 100% Bachalo, but Rios is good enough and they have done a solid job making sure all the Lizard scenes are Bachalo. ASM has gotten really dark here, Spidey even overtly says there will be no jokes for now, which works considering this is the end ~20-25 issues of pre-Gauntlet, I believe. The wise-cracker will be back, but he has some Kraven-style hurting to deal with first.

  13. @Conor I know a lot of people at my shop read asm based on individual arcs in stead of always grabbing it more than most books maybe there’s a lot of people out there who weren’t interested in shed for some reason, although I really enjoyed it. Or maybe it’s the Stan lee and Marcos Martin strip?

  14. I can agree that maybe Bachalo scared a few people away; however, I’ve always really dug on his style even when I’ve felt his storytelling can get really muddled.

    I think his storytelling is improving though.

  15. Oh yeah, and issue #634 is a Spider-Man Epic Two Decades In The Making.

    I missed that before. That hype may be a bit much.

  16. I loved Bachalo in the Vertigo Death series.  But for some reason, it’s difficult to discern what’s going on in his superhero comic panels.

  17. This arc along with the Rhino stories are some of the best spider-man stories written in the last 20 years

  18. @roi i whole heartedly agree about the rhino arc, i really liked shed but for me doesnt quite make that list

  19. @conor
    The extra pulls are probably due to it being a new story arc and, for this site (if perhaps not overall) because it’s written by Joe Kelly; Kelly, as well as Michael Lark, have been iFanboy favorites, amongst ye three merry men, as well as we your underlings.

  20. This was pretty good. I liked the pages where Peter won’t hurt the crowd and accepts oblivion.

  21. uggghhh, awful

  22. "Shed" was abysmal.  It started boring, and went downhill.  I normally don’t like this artist, but on Spider-Man, he’s not that bad, far better than his work on X-Men.  Still, this was a serious filler arc.  The lizard talked to himself in gibberish for FOUR FREAKIN’ ISSUE.  Then everyone went their separate ways.  Wow, what a great story (rolls eyes).  Ugh.

  23. Chicks dig the Lizard

  24. The story was the rebirth of the Lizard. Spider-man learned that try as hard as he could, he couldn’t save everyone and not everyone is redeemable. Spider-man has reached a his lowest emotional point, which is where the Kraven people want him. I thought it was a very solid story, but if the Lizard-speak annoyed you (I liked it) and Bachalo is not your thing, I can see this arc annoying the crud out of you.

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