Bite by bite. Shred by shred. The Lizard slithers his way through Spidey’s life, destroying everything he…it…can. Plus, the Kraven family’s scheming begins to come to fruition.

WRITER: Zeb Wells
PENCILS: Chris Bachalo
COVER BY: Chris Bachalo

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. After last issue this is my most looked forward to book

  2. really digging the art on this arc. Story is good too. But yea I wish Bachalo would stay on this book for a little while.

  3. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Between the Lizard’s fractured speaking and Bachalo drawing close-ups of the characters’ heads, I didn’t understand last issue.

  4. Is this the last issue of this arc?

  5. The art in this arc has been killer!

  6. Not only has this been an awesome, classic Lizard story, we’re getting to see the curtain pulled back a bit on the Kravens.  This is fantastic stuff!

  7. I was a little confused last ish.  Did Lizard kill his kid?

  8. @cutty seems like it

  9. @cutty  yeah he did. if they say otherwise this issue it’ll make that last issue seem neutered

  10. Uhm, guys, I need help.

    What do you recommend I get?

    The two volumes of Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier,

    or the first volume of Amazing Spidey Masterworks (Ditko) ?


  11. I’d say get New Frontier but that’s only because it’s on or near the top of my short list of books to read.

  12. @Nathan-New Frontier.  Its just a good solid read.  Ditko ASM is classic, but go with New Frontier.

    If you want a Ditko fix I recommend Strange Suspense: The Steve Ditko Archives Vol. 1 from fantagraphics.  It’s total weirdo awesomeness. 

  13. Thanks guys! My LCS will have a 25% off sale, that’s why.

    I think the Ditkos can wait, eh?

  14. This and the Rhino arc have been amazing,,,I always taught Connor’s had more control as the lizard but damn I was mistaken

  15. @cutty Im holding  in for a surprise  that it was the kid that kills the lizard

  16. @drdeeeznutz I suspect if you want to place this Lizard into continuity, that Conners has been losing more and more control to his reptilian hindbrain over the years. That he couldn’t even stop himself from eating his own son… The lizard brain has definitely won. Be interesting where the character goes from here. I don’t think you can come back from eating your son.

  17. Glad to see just Bachalo did the art on this one. Emma Rios did a fine job, but I just don’t like many artists on one book without a narrative purpose.

  18. Bachalo migth have gotten me back into Amazing Spider-Man.

  19. For me, this has been getting progressively worse.  I can’t stand the lizard-speak and his new power is a bit of a stretch

  20. Not as good as last issue but still solid….didn’t care for the art as much this week, mostly how the lizard looked…everything else was fine actually.

    @cutty yeah I’m not sure about the new power either but it kinda makes sense so I’ll reserve judgement till I see how it all plays out.

  21. To be continued? I was hoping they’d end it here. Oh well.

  22. At first I thought the new power was kinda dumb, but upon reflection it’s not too crazy I suppose. I still love the art and the Lizard character, this series has been fantastic

  23. i am really enjoying how gauntlet is making the spidey rouges bad ass again, some great stories have been set up in these pages, hell i never liked the lizard personally and am glad to see him be so damn scary now!

  24. Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    Nuff said . . .

  25. Did the change in art halfway through the issue bother anyone else? I’m enjoying the story, but come on, where’s the consistency?

  26. This story arc has been amazing, this issue especially, definitely one to pick up later as a collection

  27. Lizard hair bothered me the most. WTF?

  28. the new lizard has hair wtf

  29. It’s his monkey brain hair

  30. Yeah, I don’t like the hair. It makes him look like a reggae dinosaur. Not really digging the psychic powers, either. But, other than that, this has been a great arc. Got unexpectedly dark last issue.

  31. I am quite disturbed at how easily Curt lost control of himself and killed his son.  The death of a child (even in comics) leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

    The have now taken away Curt’s only link with his humanity (they did the same thing with Michael Stegron I seem to recall) and want to push the whole beast in ascension thing.

    The Lizard as an near mindless monster?  Been done before and always he was able to pick up the piece’s of his life afterward.  Now with the murder of his son, I fear redemptation is now near impossible.

    Regarding the Lizard’s new look, too much Ninja turtles for my liking. 

    Something I always wanted to see (but I know it is probably impossible) is a three way between Lizard, Stegron and Sauron in the Savage Land. 

    Possibly with a teamup as the end result.

    The Rhino arc was amazing, but again incredibly sad.  He (The Rhino) definitely deserved a happy ending. I do hope that The Rhino gets to join the Thunderbolts in the future and becomes a good guy outright or at least a semi-good guy.

    The thing I find a mystery is people saying that The Rhino is stupid when throughout his appearance he as been portrayed as being on same level of intelligence as both Sandman and the Absorbing Man – street thug level. 

    Ah well, I put it down to persception taking over from reality.


  32. I would hold off strongly complaining about the new lizard design until after another artist daws him. Bachalo just kind of does his own thing and is not really reproducible…

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