“Half-Man, Half-Reptile…the Lizard will take over all of Earth unless Spider-Man alone can stop him!” With these words, Dr. Curt Connors, the man who would be The Lizard, ushered a new kind of villainy into Spider-Man’s life. Now a widower with a son in foster care, and working at the bottom of the pharmaceutical industry, Connors is a broken, shell of a man…how long will it be before a Lizard breaks that shell?! How will it affect Peter Parker’s date with Carlie Cooper?! How is THE BLACK CAT involved? Zeb Wells and Chris Bachalo reunite to bring you the next great Spider-Epic as The Lizard returns!

WRITER: Zeb Wells
PENCILS: Chris Bachalo
INKS: Brandon McKinney
LETTERED BY: Keith Aiken
COVER BY: Chris Bachalo

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. that cover works for me

  2. The Wells/Bachalo arc was my favorite of BND year 1.  Very high hopes for this one

  3. That back up story at the end of last issue was creeeeepy, in an awesome way. cannot wait for this issue

  4. Looking forward to this, the backup last week got me pumped!

  5. I really like the Wells/Bachalo stuff, so I hope this one keeps me for the whole arc. I haven’t picked up the last 2 issues because Stern didn’t hold my interest, though Weeks is fantastic. Been looking forward to this one for a bit.

  6. I didn’t read the last arc, what happened in the backup?

  7. Mmm Bachalo. This will be both awesome to look at and difficult to follow. I am, however, up for the challenge.

  8. Bachalo and the Lizard, two great tastes that taste great together.

    And yes, last week’s backup did a fantastic job of hyping this story.

  9. Wells and Bachelo!? Together Again!?

    Could there be a reason for me to read ASM for a couple of issues!?

  10. Excited for gauntlet to get back on track, the last arc was good but not as good as the other gauntlet stuff, but weeks’ art was awesome

  11. This gets my early nomination for one of the best covers of the week.

  12. @TNC dude yes, get this, if the backup in last issue is any indication this will be a great great Dr. Conners story and a really cool take on the Lizard

  13. @Roi – what happened in the backup?

  14. @cutty Basically Conners is working for some new company that is willing to take the chance on hiring him. He’s working on stuff with the reptilian brain and this guy is pushing him for faster results. The cool thing was the lizard persona was talking to conners in his head telling him to kill in these super weird sentences that sounded like something out of fear and loathing in las vegas. it was awesome

  15. that is awesome.  this arc should be a lot of fun, can’t wait to see bachalo draw the lizard

  16. @RoiVampire thanks for the catch up!

    I havent read ASM for a while now but this is gonna be awesome. THe first time this team paired it was amazing so definitely on for the ride.  

  17. Hey so do you guys know if that Jenkins story in "SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN" they collected in the "HERE THERE BE MONSTERS" trade was retconned in any way? I remember being pretty blown away by what it accomplished for Conners’ character when I read it

  18. I am only 3 pages in….but the art is sooo good. the first full page spread is EPIC. I hadn’t really been feeling the spidey art recently, but this looks real good

  19. Great issue, it did not dissapoint!!

  20. That last spread was bad-ass, I so want to own a print of that!


    I always buy the first issues of these Spider-Man arcs and never finish the story. It’s not because they are bad, but when a week comes along and I need to decide what I can do without, Spider-Man is usually on the list, since I’m interested in the story, but not enough to feel the need to read it right away. I think it’s going to be different this time around, and I’ll definitely be getting every issue of this Lizard arc, as it really hooked me.

  21. This was sooooooo good! Great story, I loved the part with spidey working on his “lines”. And the art? Beautiful!

  22. Great issue. Loved the lunch "date" with Carlie. Bachalo’s art was great, as usual, but I did notice it looked like Dr. Connors had both of his arms in one panel.

  23. If it wasnt for Astonishing Wolverine and Spiderman this would have been POTW… Give Wells and Bachalo their own ongoing please!

  24. Great art, and nice story.  My only gripe was the Aunt May characterization.  Too  cold and snippy, ever for her having a bad day.

  25. OMG this is my first time checking out bachalo, man i havent seen anything this good in along time. and i thought JRjr was the best at spidey

  26. @Anville, Angry Aunt May is due to her being Zapped my Mr negative a few issues back. 

    OMG I loved this issue, only nagging thing I had was Pete was a bit mopey with the whole girl thing but meh. Loved it none the less.

    Kahhh nerss!

  27. I think the key to good Bachalo art is Antonio Fabela on colors.  He brings it to a new level

  28. Easy POTW for me.  This was fantastic!!

  29. POTW for sure, I was blown away by the art and story was also top-notch.

  30. POTW for me as well.  Bachalo is officially my favorite artist not named Gary Frank

  31. Is Kahn Rrs supposed to have one arm? Not very familiar with the comic version of the character, I just picked this up because the Lizard was always my favorite Spider Man villian from the old cartoons.

    I love where this story is going…the nature of the Lizard brain in all of us

  32. @anville-that’s just Anti-May

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