The Gauntlet grows deadlier! It’s Spider-Man versus Peter Parker when the two sides of Spidey go to war! Pete’s a sworn defender of the freedom of the press–but the Web-Slinger needs to contain a certain news item about the new Vulture that could blow the city apart!

WRITER: Mark Waid & Tom Peyer
PENCILS: Paul Azaceta
COLORED BY: In-House - Julio Herrera
COVER BY: Michael Lark

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.4%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. That Lark-drawn Spiderface bears an uncanny resemblence to a JRjr. Spiderface.

  2. Yeh for no Morbius/Van Lente!!!

  3. @OttoBott i wish everyone drew like JRjr. I hope this is up to scratch Waid. I wasn’t to enamoured by his last arc. 

  4. Got to get this just for the cover

  5. Last issue was NOT good.  I guess that’s going to happen sometimes when you go near-weekly.  Otherwise, The Gauntlet, as a whole, has been one of my favourite arcs since BND began. 

  6. i was wondring when we were going to find out mre about the new vulture or red vulture as i heard someone call him recently

  7. I love this cover, I know the whole bad guy reflecting in Spidey’s eyes has been done to death, but hey, it works.

  8. I really don’t like this interior artist.  Get someone else, PLEASE!!!  More Michael Lark artwork, less of these other people!

  9. Counter-point: Paul Azteca strikes me a less chiaroscuro-obsessed John Paul Leon and is pretty freaking amazing however you slice it. To me, anyways.

    I dunno. I’m on the fence about whether or not to start picking this monthly up again. Part of me wants to follow this weekly in trades, but the other part of me is too lazy to figure out Marvel’s horrible ASM trade labellings system on Amazon.

    Seriously, there are no volumes listed or anything.

  10. I keep waiting for The Lizard or Hobgoblin to be on the cover. 

  11. oh man, i would kill for a Hobgoblin arc. Preferably done by Slott.

  12. Still buying this run since BND, just haven’t been enjoying it nearly as much since Red Headed Stranger.  Could it be almost time to take my $10 a month (plus seven percent NJ sales tax) elsewhere?  Only time will tell, but I have a feeling it is not going to be much more time…

  13. Thanks to Conor, Cubman, Peterparker18102 and vadamowens specifically and everyone else who commented last week, I will be picking this up!  Im currently catching up on the gauntlet and checked out some other issues here and there including 600, which was indeed fantastic!  Looking forward to Azeceta’s art.  Very unique style.  Only other book i’ve seen with him on art was BPRD 1946.  I always wondered where else to find him.

  14. @robby- You could be buying every issue for $1.38 at

    Be smart, don’t spend more when you don’t need to.  You can even cancel anytime.

    That’s right, $1.38 an issue.

  15. Not a fan of Paul Azaceta, I thought his panels looked stiff, with no movement (or illusion of movement I suppose since this isn’t a motion comic). I like Mark Waid, and I liked 24/7 that introduced this Red Vulture, so overall I have high hopes.

  16. Man i would love a hobgoblin arc written by Joe Kelly with art by whoever the hell he wants. I miss Hoby

  17. Put me down as another that would love some Hobgoblin action!  It has to be better than last issue, right?


    @kickass – when do you get your books?  Does Marvel get them to you on time?

  18. @DarthDuck – Yes they are usually within a few days of Wednesday, later or sometimes earlier.  For $1.38, it can’t be beat.  I get about 10 Marvel books through subscription, save hundreds a year on those titles.

    DC has subscription too.

  19. @kickass I’ve always wanted to do that and if my comic shop ever closes i will totally do that for all marvel and DC books. As it stands i love my comic shop. the other one in town is run by crazies so if my guy ever closes no way am i going to them every week.

    How do they ship them though? like how are they packaged


  20. More love for the Cover.  It totally made me stop and look at it.  I almost liked it better had when I didn’t notice the Vulture at all.

  21. @Roivampire- They’re shipped with a cardboard wrapped with plastic.  Very sturdy, but it depends on your mailman and mailbox how it will be delivered.

    Try it with just 1 title first, see how you like it.  After that, they offer an even cheaper discount for any other title you buy.  I like the savings most of all.  No tax, no shipping.

  22. @darthduck
    I also have subscriptions and my comics are always ridiculously late, like 2-3 weeks. I called and they basically said tough shit, but the savings are tough to beat

  23. I tried subscribing once and hated it, my books came late and a couple of times my books were in bad shape and I had to go buy another one at the comic shop anyways.

    As for this issue, this seemed to get things back on track after a somewhat lesser issue last week.  Really enjoyed this a lot. 


  24. @cubman i didnt hate last week as much as some but agree this isssue was in a whole nother leauge great stuff i am so happy spidey is so good

  25. @jawesch

    so what did you think? 

  26. Great issue.  I’m really sort of ignorant when it comes to the ‘new’ vulture.  But I’m quickly falling in love with Azaceta and of course Waid is normally solid.

  27. @vadamowens

    Not a whole lot has been revealed about the new vulture really, you could have picked up everything from this issue honestly.  Based on the solicits, it looks like we will learn about his origin in the next issue.

  28. This issue kinda fel flat for me…not bad, but nothing too great. I did like the new Vulture stuff though.

  29. @cubman Cool thanks.  Go Cards:)

  30. A little flat but not the worst book of the week

  31. Getting back on track, not as good as it has been but leaps and bounds above last weeks.


    Am I the only one who missed the naked cowboy joke?  Can someone help me out with that?

  32. @vadamowens


  33. lol. I figured you’d like that one.

  34. @darthduck
    they work stern show references in from time to time
    spidey used the Artie Lange waaaah once and int letters once the answer was just babooey
    I think it was just a gag reference

  35. A couple of things about this issue felt off to me.  First and formost was tthe art.  Spidey seemed overweight at times and the inking in more than a few panels seemed heavy handed. The other thing was Spidey’s dialoge. Though Waid is usually good at this, but here it just didnt resonate.

    Oh and @vadamowens and cubman987  GO ‘STROS!!!

  36. The art impoved greatly this week, from the last time this artist was on the book. It seemed more fluid. The story was fun too. Yay – Spider-man!

  37. i thought it was a good issue, but I can not get aboard with this art. it was alright back in the Electro arc but as AlanRob said, there’s is one page where Spider-Man looks obese and it was pretty distracting. wish someone else was on art duties

  38. I really like Azaceta’s art, but agree with the fat-Spider-Man panels. His Electro arc had a similar problem whenever Spidey was running away from our perspective; looked like he had a, if I may take a term from the popular lexicon of 5 years ago, ‘badunkadunk’.

    The Naked Cowboy is a NYC quasi-celeb. He plays guitar in his underwear and cowboy boots & hat in Times Square.

  39. Love the art … this was top notch.

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