“Out for Blood” SPIDEY needs a favor from the BLACK CAT. Nothing big. He just needs her help stealing one of MR. NEGATIVE’S most valuable possessions. It’s not like anything could go oh-so-horribly wrong! Also in this ish: a dark turn for CARLIE COOPER, a disturbing development for CURT CONNORS, and a malicious move by…AUNT MAY?!

WRITER: Dan Slott
PENCILS: Michael Lark
COVER BY: Ed McGuinness

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.5%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Michael Lark on pencils!  Holy smokes!

  2. Really excited.  I think this is the best work Marvel’s put out in a while.

  3. i’m curious to see how this negative aunt may thing plays ouut, the one thing i have been missing from gauntlet (which has been great) is peter drama, hoping aunt may being a beotch wreaks havoc in his personal life

  4. God, gauntlet has been so good.  I’m so glad I stuck with ASM now.

  5. The Mysterio arc was kool but I haven’t been having as much with this since Red Headed Stranger.

  6. Best thing Marvel is doing right now (yeah Siege is awesome but also almost over) and the only thing missing from the last issue was Aunt May ripping someone a new one, looking forward to more of that!

  7. Hmm. Slot + Lark + Black Cat? Guess I have to get it.

  8. Yeah, Slott + Lark pretty much guarantees I’ll read this issue, even though I haven’t been all that pleased with ASM lately.

  9. Wow, did not expect to see Michael Lark on this title. Exciting stuff!

  10. I am curious to see a Michael Lark Black Cat, for some reason I don’t see his style suiting her, but I’m happy to be proved wrong.

    I hope the Negative-Aunt May is resolved this issue, otherwise we’ll probably won’t hear about it again until next year.

  11. man that cover is the bees knees

  12. I’ve just seen some preview art – Larks black cat looks awesome – bring it on!

  13. Wow! I clicked on this thinking "Boy, what bum is going to follow the incomprable Marcos Martin?" Micahel Lark! Weeeeeeeeee!

  14. Another good one!

  15. I dropped this after being underwhelmed with Gauntlet so far.. my tack on this title is to pick it up sporadically if there’s a plot thread that grabs me or a creator I like.  This one has both in Lark & Black Cat.

  16. Exactly what I needed! I have loved gauntlet, but my only complaint has been too little Peter and too much spidey, well this issue was the perfect balance!

  17. I really like what they’re doing with Mr. Negative.  He’s becoming a pretty cool Spidey villain.

  18. So…after the Spider-Man puzzle piece ad at the beginning of the year I guess Carlie and Pete are gonna get together at some point.  I know it may ( and probably will) be a brief affair but I’m not sure if I like her character or not.  Oh well I’m sure it will be a good story anyway. ASM always is lately.

  19. I like that Carlie really busted out in this issue. It took a real set of low-hangers to do what she did in that storage unit.  Very cool.

    @peterparker – I totally agree, it was great to see not only Pete but how this is all affecting Pete’s personal life.

  20. Did anyone notice that MJ still knows that peter is spiderman? or is that not a big deal

  21. That’s been the case

  22. "New York. New York is my home." Fuckin’ woot, that was an awesome scene. Speaking of awesome, Michael Lark… wow… just wow… Probable PoW.

  23. @mrowland and peter I’m still confused by how that happened though.  I thought the whole point of the ‘deal with devil’ idea was to erase the memory of Peter being Spider-Man from everyones recollection.  I know he revealed himself to some, I just don’t remember him revealing himself, again, to MJ.

  24. @vadamowens

    It has not been explained how MJ knows, but ever since she has been back, it is clear that she still knows that Pete is Spider-man.  It probably has to do with whatever she whispered to Mephisto in OMD, which has yet to be revealed.

  25. This issue is so good, probably my pick of the week..ed mcguiness cover..good banter between spidey and black cat…michael lark pencils…fun storyline…thats all you need from a spider-man book, the only thing that scares me is that terrible advert for vulture gauntlet they have stuck in the middle, definately not looking forward to seeing that in a couple of weeks..

  26. My God this issue was awesome.  I really need a huge The Gauntlet Omni or something….. Spidey is fantastic and fun like it should be.

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