MYSTERIOUS: Chapter Two “Re-Appearing Act” SPIDER-MAN versus MYSTERIO! How long can Mysterio play with Spidey’s head before the web-slinger finally snaps?! The mind games keep ratcheting up as the body count goes up, down, and…into the negatives? Some bad guys just won’t die and others can’t stay dead! So which long-thought deceased Spider-Man character is back now?! It may only be January, but get ready for the most unbelievable Spider-Man moment of the year!

WRITER: Dan Slott
PENCILS: Marcos Martin
COLORED BY: Javier Rodriguez
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Caramagna
COVER BY: Marcos Martin

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Gauntlet has been great fun.  So glad i stuck through the early days of Brand New Day to get here.  This is my favorite ongoing series right now!

  2. It’s getting redundant to week after week talk about how great I think this book is.  It’s the best annoyance I’ve ever had.  Love Spidey and its great to see him doing so well.  (I don’t know how he’s doing sales-wise but for me personally he’s doing great!)

  3. It’s ridiculus how this can come out weekly. So good.

  4. I agree with both of you.  Bringing back older villians has been great fun, especially since I only have back issues to Civil War.

  5. i just hope the writting improves this week, i was little disappointed with the last issue

  6. @mikegraham6 – I feel the same way. The art was stellar but the writing fell a little flat in spots for me.

  7. @mike and dmaggot I can understand where you’re coming from, but I think I’m so pleased with most of everything since BND, that I just automatically accept and love everything since.

  8. Man that cover is classy

  9. i’m liking this arc a lot

  10. That’s a helluva cover.

    What do younger readers think of it, though? Do we only like it because we know about the Silver Age and it reminds us of Ditko and John Romita? Would most, like, 13-year-olds not like it?

  11. I’m buying this solely because of that cover. That is fantastic.

  12. Cover of the week any one? God Marcos Martin is amazing!

  13. So glad Gauntlet is finally picking up the pace, last issue was the best.  I hope this is just as good.

  14. Not much else to say. I love the current Spidey Universe, and I’m more than excited to see how the OMD threads are resolved. OMD is still the turd in the punch bowl, but absolutely everything that has followed it has been very, very good. 

  15. @kndoubleu
    lol agreed but it is some damn good punch!

  16. Love the cover, loved last issue, and think the creative team of Slott/Martin can do no wrong. I’m excited for this.

  17. Did anyone have trouble getting this?  My LCS only got 5 copies and the owner did not know why…thankfully I was the first person in the door today but I was just curious.

    Anyways, good issue but not as good as the past couple.  Also, I’m not at all sure what the most unbelievable Spider-man moment of the year was.  I do, however, like the Mysterio arc so far and I am looking forward to the next issue.

  18. Great issue, not quite rhino good but damn good, I loved the panel when spidey punches silvermane, what a great piece of dialouge.

  19. Felt this was pretty average. I gave it a 3, but I think more realistically it would’ve been a 2.5. Some good stuff, but nothing great.

  20. I thought that this was a perfect set-up for Mysterio as a legitimate threat/power in the MU. These guys are so often punching bags for the heroes that it’s easy to forget that there are practical (for a comic book world) applications for their skills.

    Also, Dan Slott is a completely different writer when he gets to play with Spider-Man. I think he’s serviceable at best on Mighty Avengers, and I’m not a big fan of him on a lot of his other projects, but he nailed these last two issues. He isn’t always great when he is on ASM, but he is never bad and frequently good. He just nails the voice of the character and the tone of his life well. In fact, I almost want to say that he tries to write *everyone* as Spider-Man in Mighty.

  21. good stuff. enjoyed it alot. Feels like a classic SM book.

  22. anybody noticed some pages are symmetrical?

  23. @ nathan

    I actually did, and Marcos’ were brilliant this issue. If it is possible he seems to be getting better every issue! So glad he is a marvel exclusive!

  24. Meant to say his layouts were brilliant

  25. I for one find Slott’s writing to be so very middling. He definitely dragged this issue down for me.

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