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  1. Sandman was in the first issue of spidey i bought. It was a reprint of his first appearance so this is one i’m psyched about. good week

  2. After what they pulled off with Electro and the destruction of the Bugle, I’m so excited for this issue.

  3. To get the full ‘gauntlet experience’ should I pick up web of spiderman?  I noticed the gauntlet moniker on the wos issue.

  4. @Vadamowens

    WoS is really more of a supplement comic.  I only read the first one, which was during the Who is Ben Riley arc, so the first story was a little story about Kaine.  Had nothing to do with ASM.  I can only assume it’s still like that. 

  5. Yeah, I’m not reading Web of either.  I was excited for it but the first issue was so bad I couldn’t see myself buying anymore.  All you really need if ASM.

  6. I am reading Web, the first story of each book has a background/orgin type story about one of the villains that is going to be in an upcoming issue of ASM; so far Kaine, Electro, and Rhino.  It is not necassary to read Web unles maybe you don’t know anything about Spider-man’s villains and want to but it is kind of fun….it just sucks you have to get a Spider-girl story too…

  7. wtf?! when did i start collecting amazing, again?! dammit!

  8. Really looking forward to this issue. The creative team interests me, and the preview looks interesting.

    I’m not bothering with Web, they seem to be origin stories for the these characters who I have been reading about, watching on TV or fighting in computer games for years. Is there anyone who needs more informaton on Sandman?

    I might pick up the Mysterio issue if it explains which Mysterio it is, and how he is not dead anyone more?

  9. Red White and Green! Trully a Christmas cover!

  10. Hey this art looks nothing like Lady Death! What’s up with that?

  11. So thinking that this weeks issue was actually #614, you can imagine my surprise when they handed me a copy of #615 that happened to have the cover that was solicited for next week.

  12. Stocking cap Spidey is gold.

  13. @rahunique – dude i was thinking the same thing!!

  14. Yeah what is up with the cover this week?  Did anyone get this cover?

  15. @cubman987  thats the cover for next issue. sometimes they get swapped around.

  16. Van Lente and Pulido did an awsome job on this book. This past few issues of spidey have been great.

  17. They need to do some NY research – they don’t demolish building with demolitions in NYC – every building is "murdered" brick by brick.  Way to check your facts, JJJ.

  18. "Spider-Sleuth, Spider-sleuth, Sleuthing whatever a…Spider…Can…" Classic. Also the scene with JJJ and Robbie Robinson was great. Not so hot on the fight scene at the end, but this is still one of the best comics around.

  19. @Grandturk
    That was almost certainly written for the sake of the thousands upon thousands of readers (whether in issue or trade form) who don’t live in or have the demolitionary methods of NYC memorized.

    This issue was fan-mother-goddamn-fucking-tastic.

  20. Javier Pulido is (in my humble opinion) the second best new era Spider-Man artsist (behind Marcos Martin).  They both get the Ditko look. 

    I undertsand this argument does not work if your Spider-Man model is Romita, Kane, Andru, Romita jr, McFarlane, et al.

    I just dig his art and am pained to see the reviews that have been posted so far.


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