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  1. the solicits for this book are so much fun

  2. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I like the cover so much, I made it my new Desktop Wallpaper.

  3. love the cover


  4. who else thinks Campbell is actually playing with himself when he draws his covers?

  5. lol

  6. Isn’t this the exact same solicitation as last week and another previous week as well?

  7. LOVE that cover!  Best cover of the week, easy.

    I’m sure Josh disagrees.

  8. Love Mike McKone drawn issues of ASM!

  9. For all the people reading this and not getting The Clone Saga #1 this week…

    Next week’s ASM starts an arc called "Who Was Ben Reilly," so that mini -might- be important… maybe not, but it’s something to ponder.

  10. I need to find a job so bad. I am gonna go through withdrawal from not being able to afford my ASM fix three times a month!!

  11. Really?!?! A pearl necklace?!?! C’mon lets show some class.

    Honestly though keep the covers comin.

  12. @Ruo21: she’s a jewel thief… duh! (sorry)

  13. I didn’t particularly enjoy the cover or the solicit, but the last issue of ASM was incredible so I’m pumped regardless.

  14. @slockhart

    The Clone Saga mini is just a retelling of the Clone Saga the way the writers wanted to do it, its more of a "What If" mini and has no impact on continuity.

  15. I love this book. 

  16. I also love this book. No love for the campbell covers though. He is symptomatic of the reason comics are not taken seriously enough.

  17. Best. Cover. Ever!

  18. @Ruo21-I thought that it was a diamond necklace, but your interpretation is SO much better.

  19. Wouldn’t her legs REALLY hurt laying on those diamonds?

  20. she has thick skin on her knees… i don’t know why (sorry)

  21. Well somebody send me their copy when they’re done?!

  22. @PymSlap: Look at my previous posts, I made note a week ago how crazy this would be in the shop.
    @edward: I do.
    @KickAss: lol. I totally know your tastes dude.
    @robbydzwonar: (first post) I’m with ya there bud. I have bills due and I REALLY want to buy some comics this week but with that + paying for textbooks… I don’t know how this is going to happen…
    @kwisdumb: why not? Oo
    @har13quin: lol, this is just fan service (well for the most part)
    @miyamotofreak: XD!!!

  23. @Robby- You’re probably not gunna want my copy when I’m done with it.

  24. Can we start campaigning for a issue to be pick of the week because I really believe this should be the one. Joe Kelly rocked this one and hell everyone did a great job. Mike McKone’s pencils were definitely great and Cambell’s cover was rocking. It was a great story where there is no council or Reeds, Norman Osborn, or a big hole in the cosmos. We just have a cheesy villain trying to collect on a really old scam and Spidey foiling it while rolling in the sack with Black Cat. Vote this iss the POTW and vote often.

    I approve of this message even though I’m not Peter or anyone important at Marvel/Disney or is it the other way around?

  25. The way spider-man is drawn in this issue is the best I believe. It’s nice to read joe kelly issues of this again.

  26. I love the way McKone draws Spider-man, but was disappointed he didn’t draw the whole issue.  I like seeing Spidey’s costume with the black without blue highlights.

  27. Loved this issue. ASM and GL always fly to the top of my stack when they release in any given week. ASM rocked! I loved the cover. I know it’s cheesecake but I don’t care. ASM just keeps kicking ass and yes I love the fact that this book is a relationship comic. I love me some black cat. This was a close second for POTW right behind Mongul.

  28. I’m kicking myself for not having picked up ASM after OMD but I ws so completely down on Spidey after the OMD storyline.

  29. "AAAAGH!"

    That was the sound I made when the art change from McKone to Adriana Melo. Were it not for that, this would have been a tough PoW for me, but now Green Lantern gets it for sure. I know how heartbreaking this loss must be for the creative team of this issue, but sometimes one must be callous. 

    Seriously, Melo, that’s not what people look like when the kiss; it’s what women look like when they turn into fish-people. 

  30. I ugh… I had to put this issue in the middle of my pile of books, face down and I had the guy put it in the black bag first after I shown him the price tag… carefully. I have a rep at my shop to uphold. In hindsight I should have walked in with a disguise, that would have been fun.

    Also I’m so happy they wrote Parker as a real man in this issue. Not so much when they brought back Diablo again. He looks so retarded but I forgive it because he was born in a Jack Kirby age. I’m also happy they are continuing the "original" spider-man look. It’s much better than the red-blue. I feel this is more iconic.

    Best Quote: "Seriously, is your compulsive flirting some form of Tourette’s?"

    I wish there was a superhero with Tourette’s

  31. Not as good as the last issue, but still better than most recent Spidey issues. I love the relationship between Peter and the Black Cat, and the love Octagon this seems to be spinning into. 4/5.

  32. Who writes these damn solicts? BRAce!? Seriously?

     Why do I keep reading trying out this title? OMD ruined it forever. It gets a 2 for a ok story but more forgotton identity crap.

  33. didn’t like this at all – i hate it when the artwork changes mid book .

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