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  1. I wonder what a baby goblin would look like?

  2. She sure did get 8 months pregnant in a hurry.

  3. i’m assuming the goblin serum has something to do with that


  4. "Mama said there would be days like this"

  5. that is exactly what causes me to wake up in a cold sweat now and again

  6. This arc has been absolutely ….. AMAZING!


  7. that cover is gross …

  8. I thought the Barack the Destroyer comic was ‘the craziest ****ing thing I’ve seen’. But this:


    Well this is the craziest ****ing cover I have ever seen.

  9. @ TNC……R u scared 2 say FUCK?????

  10. This is the one book I’m not considering dropping because of the Dark Reign banner.

  11. the cover just creeps the hell out of me

  12. yes, TNC. it’s spelt F.U.C.K.

  13. I love the f word.  It’s so cathartic:)

  14. I’m not scared to say it, see my other posts if you dont believe me. lol

    Just dont a little homage to Colbert since he has a segment called: ‘That’s the Craziest ****ing seen I’ve ever seen’.

  15. $3 well spent

  16. Disturbing cover image.  How long has it been in Spidey-land since the Menace reveal?  3 months?  More? 

  17. Jeebus @ the cover, haha.

    Pretty excited for this. I’m willing to bet that this whole child thing is a red herring, and the American Son project will backfire on Norman.

  18. Maybe…if you’re into the pregnant freak sort of thing.  Not really doing much for me though.

  19. @Fvckstick haha ur fucking disgusting.

  20. So I have to ask, was that Steve Rogers in the tube? When Norman and Harry were talking about the super-solider serum and the blond guy with long hair was in the tube. Seeing as how Namor new where the body was, and he is in cahoots with Norman, it made me link them together.

  21. @Supertrack

    OH SNAP! I didn’t quite make that connection. 

  22. awesome issue!

  23. It reminded me of Iron Man Extremis when Harry’s armor started to accumilate on his body.

  24. A good issue, but I fear that I’m not enjoying AMERICAN SON as much as I thought I would. I love Joe Kelly, and all of the issues have ranged from good to excellent, but it seems to me like almost all of the issues start out at 5/5 and work their way down.

    Like I said, they’re all good, I just kind of anticipated 5/5s everywhere. Ah well, there’s still more story to be told! 3/5.

  25. UMMM… why does it say G. Stacy on the test tube of the American son? Anyone else catch that?

  26. This issue started as a 3, rose up to a four as Spidey was being tortured, and then turned into a 5 as the final excitement erupted. This was a fantastic issue.

  27. @Ruo – I caught that too and am just as baffled.

  28. I’ll be damned. You’re right. Thanks for pointing that out

  29. im confused as to why lilly turned a weird green and had a different costume on.

  30. "She sure did get 8 months pregnant in a hurry."  It has actually been about 8 months in ASM time.  The fantastic four and spidey were in the macroverse for about 4 months in those 2 issues.

  31. @chocobavits  I thought it was two months, but i could be wrong. either way i think the goblin serum is making the baby grow faster

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