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  1. damn that cover is stellar. also, who says stellar anymore. oh i need coffee

  2. yeah badass cover 

  3. I’d say the last half dozen spider-man covers have been pretty sick

  4. With the way I get shipments, I have fallen behind (still reading the last chapter of 24/7) but am very much looking forward to this arc.

  5. ugh…last part of 24/7 made me sad.


    @crazchris – all but the one billboard cover from 24/7 that had the big piece of toast or whatever it was. Worst cover ever. 

  6. Great cover.

    Can’t wait for this. I’m sure this whole Lily being pregnant thing is part of Norman’s plan for American Son. Maybe Harry will be the new Goblin?

  7. This book is 597 kinds of awesome.



    You see what I did there?

  8. @DarthDuck – you sly duck you =P

  9. What’s up with a different artist for every chapter of this story? That’s LAME marvel!

  10. @Fvckstick, good call, that was definitely the weakest of the last few

  11. @MrGlass – Although I would prefer that the artist stayed the same throughout the arc, the story has been so good so far that I honestly don’t really mind. Plus, you’re assuming that Marvel had anything to do with that decision.

  12. I don’t know what all the Spidey bashing is about because I’m reading more of him then Superman, and I grew up on DC so I don’t know what happened…

  13. Really looking forward to this. Im hoping the art is better than last issue, but this story is great

  14. I thought the story in the last issue was great.  I’m more excited for this than I have been for Spiderman in a long time.

  15. Joe Kelly must write more Spider-Man.

    @RoiVampire – Who says stellar? I do.

  16. Spidey + Joe Kelly = Match Made in Heaven!


    Spidey Rocks!


  17. Yeah Joe Kelly on this book is amazing. I’ve been laughing out loud both issues. Great stuff

  18. I thought Venom was locked away in the trap Reed built? 

  19. @supertrackmonkey – Not sure what trap you’re referring to, but Venom has been in Dark Avengers throughout all of the issues, I believe. Maybe it’s a case of different Venoms?

  20. @supertrackermonkey  i’m guessing for the purposes of the solicitation they didn’t want to spoil venom being trapped in last issue. or he might just bust out in this one, who knows

  21. Did anyone else’s shop not get this book this week? My shop’s usually good with their orders, so did it get delayed?

  22. My shop got it! It’s really exciting!

  23. I got it, it’s baller, such a good arc

  24. wow…what a cliffhanger. Probubly the best since BND.

  25. I don’t rate a lot of comics 5, but this one got one. This was pick of the week last week and it will probably be this week too (haven’t finished my books).

  26. First 5 rating. Also the first time I put down a comic and immediately signed online to rate it. Well done all around.

  27. Hm.

    I’m surprised to see all the praise for this issue. I batted around the idea of 2/5 in my head, but eventually settled for 3/5 after a re-read (although I probably would’ve gone with 2.5/5). I felt this was one of the weakest issues of Spider-Man in recent memory, and definitely the weakest of this arc. I’m still excited at what Joe Kelly can do, but this issue was definitely a letdown.

  28. I think this book gets the holy sh*t moment of the week for the ending.

  29. @AquaPimp82  agreed

  30. A buddy of mine gave me this to read, and WHOA!  Joe Kelly wrote the hell out of this, it had a great cliff-hanger moment, and Doc Ock is hinted to be coming back.  I cannot wait to see how he will fit in the new universe.

  31. Ending was indeed insane.  I loved this issue an easy 5.

  32. yeah the doc ock tease was really intruiging

  33. An open letter to Mr. Brian Michael Bendis:

    Mr. Bendis, sir, I tearfully implore you to kick Mike Deodato to the curb in exchange for Marco Checchetto, who in this issue shows what, in my opinion, Venom should look like. For that matter, what people should look like (i.e. people sized, not man-mountains).

    PS, if you get Deodato and Tan off the Avenger books, I’ll totally forgive Secret Invasion (and every Avengers issue after said event)

    I wasn’t as over the moon about the art on this as I sound, but seriously, the guy can draw him some Dark Avengers. 

  34. OMG a gun?! What REAL villian uses an actual gun? It’s just to simple.

  35. I almost never read Spider-Man, and yet this was my pick of the week! I don’t know if that says more about this book or this week.

  36. @ Imjustbettr

    The hood?

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